Friday, May 30, 2008

Coupon Club

A couple of friends and I just started our own coupon club. (We even have our own blog).

Or idea is to swap coupons with each other and share tips about saving money at the stores in our area. We also plan to share CVS extras and collect our expired coupons to send to service men and women overseas.

We had our first meeting this week and it went pretty well. I think everyone had a good time and gleaned a little information. We hope to implement some games and challenges to add to the fun of bargain hunting.

Does anybody have a similar group that they belong to? What types of things do you do? Any suggestions on how to make our group a success?

For lots of Frugal Tips check of Frugal Friday here.


Travis Penn said...

Your link to the greenville grocery geeks has a comma in it instead of a period. That's why the link isn't working.

Thanks for setting up the grocery blog. Looking forward to it.

Cybill said...

Great work.