Friday, May 9, 2008

Answers, Anyone?

I have no answers or theories regarding last nights show. All I've got are questions. Lots of questions.

Richard??!! Richard??!! Are you kidding me??!!

Has Locke been connected to the Island from birth? Have they been recruiting him since he was 5 years old? Did he really draw the black smoke as a child? Did the knife test prove that he was destined to become the leader one day? Is that why Richard got so upset?

So, has the Island now chosen Locke to reveal it's secrets to instead of Ben? Hey, do you think Locke and Ben are somehow related? What was Ben's mom's name? It wasn't Emily was it?

So Michael is still under the magic island bubble of immortality, I guess?

We already knew that time on the Island was not the same as time elsewhere, but how much delay is there? According to last night, maybe several hours? Is the delay more the farther away from the Island you get? Like back in the good old USA it is still 90 days ago? Huh?

Was Whidmore's original plan to kidnap Ben and remove him from the Island? Is his secondary plan to just torch the whole place?

I understand why the pilot, Frank, would help the Losties on the beach, although I don't think they understand why he gave them that GPS thingie, but why did the Captain help Sayid and Desmond? Did I miss something?

Christian??!! Christian??!! Are you kidding me??!!

All of those people that claimed he was Jacob were right (well kind of right, he only claims to be Jacob's spokesperson)??!! He is dead, just like Horace, but being used by the Island, right? What is he doing with Claire? What is Claire doing with him? Why would she give up Aaron? Is this another trick by the Island to get a baby?

So they are just going to move the Island now? Doesn't that sound reasonable?

This episode just set us up for a lot of information yet to come, didn't it? What about those previews for next week? Do they really get off? Really, really off?

Do you want some answers? Maybe the links over at Rocks in My Dryer will help?

Wow, I've never used so many question marks in my life....have I?


Stella and Thomas said...

I am wondering why Frank the pilot wants them to follow the helicopter too. Isn't that thing on angry military man's arm a bomb??

Crystal said...

I dont' think he left that so they could follow the helicopter. I think he left it so they can track where the bad guys are...just like he did in last week's episode. Jack just misinterpreted the use of the device.

Cassie said...

I think the captain helped Sayid and Desmond because he didn't want all of those people to die. He kept saying that he was there to help with an extraction mission--when crazo military guy said they were going to torch the island, i think the captain knew he had to try to help them.

The Jewetts said...

Is Christian REALLY dead?? I am wondering if he is not. He has been involved in too many scenes, flashforwards, etc..?? Who knows. But Claire acted way too weird considering how protective she has been of Aaron! I think someone needs to kill crazy Kimo(whatever his name is)! I agree that Frank wanted them to be able to find the boat/bad guys! Move the island???!!! What??!! Crazy stuff! Can't wait for the last two eppys!

Nash deVille said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog. Claire was super creepy this week and I am confused with the entire Christian thing. So many details to keep straight on this show, my head spins. :)