Thursday, May 15, 2008

Island Wars


More of Juliette nagging Jack…no big surprise. (When is she going to die already??!!)

Yet another secret Dharma research “hatch”, The Orchid…no big surprise.

Jin made it to the freighter safely. Now that was a little bit of a surprise. Are they really going to blow him up? I can’t bear to watch that.

And by the way…what kind of Captain doesn’t notice 3 tons of C4 explosives on his boat? I mean come on!

I must say that Sun had the best revenge! It was a perfect example of poetic justice when she told off her father. I hope she puts him in charge of the fishing division…preferably gutting and cleaning. You go Sun!!

We all knew Sawyer really cared deep down…but that he even cares about Hurley…how sweet…really. He really is just a big teddy bear inside of that gruff exterior. I’m anxious to see how he says goodbye to Kate and what instructions he gives her (presumably about caring for his daughter).

I’m glad that a little more truth came out in this episode. Now Jack knows that Claire is his sister and Aaron is his nephew. That wasn’t really how I thought he would find out, but I’m glad he knows. I’m not sure why that knowledge makes him incapable of being with Kate and Aaron (for a while) but I’m sure we’ll find out…eventually.

I do wonder who came up with the whole a-life-raft-washed-up-on-the-shore-of-the-island-of-Membatta-and-we-floated-to-Africa story. It seems very complicated and well thought out. Did Oceanic concoct it? Ben? Jack? Sayid?

The understatement of the night had to be when Ben said, “I wasn’t being entirely truthful.” Yeah, no kidding.

Let me just say that I don’t even want to watch the 2 hour season finale. Nothing but bad stuff is gonna happen, I can feel it. We’re going to have to see them all suffer because of their decisions, but then we’ll get to rejoice when they finally find peace at end of the last season.

I think this next season is going to be kind of like The Empire Strikes Back. The rebels can’t win every battle. Sometimes the good guys get caught by snow monsters or frozen in carbonite. But never fear, there is always a sequel. The Ewoks will come out of the forest to help and there will be a Return of the Jedi.

No really, think about it. Ben is turning Locke to the dark side, Jack found out that Claire was his sister (granted he never kissed her), Kate is always trying to boss the guys around and falling in love with them at the same time, it may all be happening a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away………………
For more outrageous theories, but fewer classic sci-fi movie analogies, go to Rocks in My Dryer and follow the links.


Stella and Thomas said...

Hahaha...I know! How come no one noticed the big explosives?? :-) I think you may be right about the is not going to sit well with me either.

Nash deVille said...

LOL - Juliette is a pain and I am happy she doesn't appear to make it back! Ben's line about not being truthful cracked me up too but I loved Hurley's moms line the best" "Jesus Christ is not a weapon."

I am with you, the season finale is going to be depressing!

Cassie said...

Holy Crap, I totally forgot Sawyer had a daughter! That clears a few things up! haha.

Becoming Me said...

I love your line about Ben turning Locke to the dark side. Great post!