Monday, May 12, 2008

Manic Monday

OK, obviously this isn't an official "demotivator" but I think this picture is hilarious. I just wish I could come up with a good caption for it. Any ideas? I'd love some fun suggestions.

Brian found this pic on a friend's Facebook page. It was in her the photo album of her recent trip to West Virginia. Doesn't this just scream WV to you? Some hillbilly on a golf cart painting lines along the road who is too lazy to move the roadkill out of the way?

Well, guess what. Upon further discussion with his friend, Brian found out that this picture was taken at the very beginning of their trip, like the first 30 seconds, right here in good old Bond County. (Not that that makes the hillbilly on a golf cart theory any less plausible.)

Maybe it was a Union situation. You know, "I'm not certified to remove roadkill, I just paint the lines."

Or maybe this little guy saw the road crew coming and "played possum" right on the spot in order to look inconspicuous.

What's your theory? What's your caption?

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