Thursday, May 29, 2008

OK, Now I'm Curious

Hello? Are you out there, bleaders (that's blog + readers, for those of you who missed it the first time)?

Ever since I got Google Analytics (thanks, Travis) I have been monitoring my blog's traffic. I have to say...there are a lot of you out there reading the meaningless junk I put on here, amazingly enough. I have bleaders from all over the world, literally. As a matter of fact, I'm pretty big in Malaysia. Yep. The bleader there spends an average...of 9 minutes on my site!

OK, geeky tech people please don't burst my bubble and comment just to let me know that it is probably just bouncing from a satelite, blah, blah , blah or something like that. I'd rather be happy in my ignorance believing that there is some women in a hut in Kuala Lumpur trying to figure out how far it is to the nearest CVS.

I consistently have between 30 and 150 readers per day but I rarely hear from more than 2 of you...unless of course it is a LOST post...which doesn't count because that will be over for 7 months starting next week. Sometimes I unbelievably have over 200 people visit my site on a given day...usually Kitchen Tip Tuesday or Works for Me Wednesday. And yet my comments are still 0.

Who are you?

Why do you come to my site?

What do you like?

What do you dislike?

You're not all related to me......are you?


fblife said...

I love your blog Crystal, keep the comments coming!

Anonymous said...

Hello, I'm out here, sometimes more than others. It is a nice way to keep up. Thanks, Shouse

Deena said...

I'm a childhood friend of Crystal's. Blogging is a cool way to peek into your life occasionally, on my blog VERY occasionally.

Anonymous said...

I check it out because I think your cute :-)
your loving husband

DeAnn said...

I found your blog through another blog which I found through another blog, etc. etc. It's sort of like a friend of a friend of a friend told me about your blog. I visit to see about coupon deals that you've found and to read any amusing stories. :)
I'm curious how you got your counter thingy to be able to see how many people visit your blog. I'm pretty sure I average at LEAST 2 people a day on my blog!

Nash deVille said...

I could never do the tracking thing. I would be too paranoid or something. :) I am good with my little number counter. Bleaders - that is very cute.

I can't believe LOST is over until 2009. Man, totally sucks.