Thursday, May 1, 2008

Ahoy, Mateys!

I jus' found th' best thin'. An English t' Pirate Translator.

Aye. Ye can type in anythin' an' 't will spit 't ou' t' ye in seafarin' hearty speak.

Arrrgh, if only I would be havin' had this before Cainan`s seafarin' hearty birthday party or th' "Pirate Island" play I directed last voyage.

Me promises ye lads that I won't be usin' this here Gentleman 'o Fortune speak on ever' post.

I found th' link at A Ship Full of Pirates, who 'tis given 'way a book too. So git on over there an' see 't fer yerself ye lily-livered bilge rat, o' tis the cap'n that'll make ye walk the plank!

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