Friday, May 2, 2008

One Big Garden

Cainan loves the pharse, “I’ve got some good news and some bad news.” He looks for any excuse to use it in his conversations with me. Here is what he came up with this morning.

C: I’ve got some good news and some bad news about spring.

Mom: OK

C: Which one do you want first? (This is a rhetorical question because he usually just gives me whichever one he wants first regardless of what I say.)

Mom: The good news.

C: The bad news is we have all of these storms. (See what I mean)

Mom: What’s the good news?

C: It’s gardening season!

Mom: Do you like gardening with Daddy? (I personally am not fond of it. I don’t like all of the kneeling and bending over in the 90 degree heat all summer. Love the food though.)

C: Yeah. And I like gardening with Grandad too.

Mom: (Grandad has like 3 tomato plants. What gardening?) You garden with Grandad?

C: Yeah, like when I ride on the tractor with him.

Mom: Oh, farming.

C: Is Grandad a farmer?

Mom: Yes! (Well, duh.)

C: Huh. Never knew that. (pause for little wheels to start turning) He doesn’t have any animals though.

Mom: No. He isn’t that kind of farmer. He just works on the land…not with animals.

C: Then he’s a gardener.

Mom: I guess so. (Wow, that’s one big garden!)


Kari said...


fruitfulwords said...

I have to agree, too cute!
I love watching kids figure things out.

Christie O. said...

Funny!! I can't wait to see what mine will come up with. I love all the little quirks they have.

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