Friday, May 2, 2008

Jate Forever!!

Thank goodness the writers are giving up on Juliette and getting back to the real love story in this show...Jack and Kate! I was so glad to see Juliette's confession, which was made to Kate and Jack, since he was just playing possum.

Jack wanting to stay awake during his surgery doesn't surprize me at all. Jack being unable to bear the pain doesn't surprize me at all either...he's not superhuman after all. I was glad that Bernard was in there to assist. I still don't completely trust Juliette...although I really don't think she would ever hurt Jack.

I think the Claire and Sawyer love story is building a little bit too. The restraining order cracked me up...typical Sawyer. I don't know what the dead Christian Shepherd is doing showing up and holding Aaron, or why Claire followed him off. I do not think this is the end of Claire...she'll be back in time for her tragic death, no doubt.

::Warning!:: Wild Speculation Below

My LOST addicted friend, Carrie, has a great theory about Claire, Aaron and Jack. She thinks that Jack is going to somehow accidently kill Claire or be directly responsible for her death. After that event, or simultaneously, he discovers that she is his half-sister. This is what leads to his overwhelming guilt and inability to face raising Aaron, at least initially. I think that is a totally plausible explanation.

I do think that Kate is probably taking care of Sawyer's daughter, Clemetine. Why this has to be a big secret from Jack, I don't know. Remember Kate already knows Clementine's mother. It does sound like Sawyer is still alive and remaining voluntarily on the island. Kate is the only person he would trust to visit his daughter.

I am glad that Jin confronted Charlotte when they got back from the medical station. I could tell she was understanding, I was hoping they could too. Jin got a little vicious with her...which I think she needs. I don't like her or Miles very much. I think Daniel is OK.

So the helicopter is back on the island now? I guess that is how the commandos got there to attack Ben last week. Not to burst anyone's bubble...but I still just do not think they are going to get off of the island. And, I think Locke is going to prevent it. The writers are setting us up to be glad about this because everything that we have seen from the flash forwards is awful. Everyone's life is screwed one is happy. We don't want that. We want them to stay on the island together until they can figure out how to get off of it the right way...maybe destroying it in the process. After all the island or Whidmore or Ben or whoever is still controlling/effecting them in the real world. It needs to be eliminated before they can ever really be happy. I may be proven totally wrong on this but I just don't see the show letting some people off and following story lines in both worlds, not that they haven't proven themselves to be totally capable of doing that.

Speaking of that...Christian Shepherd is haunting Jack too. That could explain why in the very first flash forward Jack tells them to go get his dad upstairs and see how drunk he is, however, I still believe that they will find that no time has passed when they leave the island, thus Jack's real human dad is really upstairs. I think Jack's paper was supposed to show that, but I didn't really get a good look at it. I also found it interesting that the smoke detector went off when Jack's dad showed up. Is he just smoke...a relic from the island? We know the island smoke can take on human form and we know he has appeared on the island to Claire...and Jack previously.

Best Sawyer quote of the episode, "It's too early in the morning for Chinese." Hilarious. Only Sawyer could get away with that.

Anyway, good episode. I can't wait to see what's next. How will we survive the summer without LOST....or any good TV for that matter. For more LOST conversations head over to Rocks in My Dryer.

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oh amanda said...

Oh, good thought about the smoke alarm and Christian Shepherd...

But I have to disagree about Kate & Jack. I want Sawyer to be happy. And Kate hurt him. *pout*