Thursday, May 15, 2008

Royal Seating

A local Relay for Life team is having a chair auction.

They passed out chairs of all different shapes and sizes to various community members and businesses. They asked these people to decorate the chairs and then bring them back for the auction.

I was one of the lucky ones chosen to decorate a couple of chairs. So here is what I did with mine.

I also did a boy version in hunter green and gold that says, "King for a Day" on the top.

They turned out so cute and were so easy that I want to make one for Kinley's room now.

These were just old chairs from the Elementary school garage sale. They have metal legs and a wooden seat and back. I base coated everything with spray paint and then striped the legs, painted on the words (with a paint pen), glued on the crown ($1 at Michaels) and upholstered the seat (with a staple gun).

I'm so happy with how they turned out. I hope they bring in a boat load of money for the American Cancer Society.

I may go to the auction just to bid them up.


Anonymous said...

THey are awesome!!!!!!!!!! I love them! Thank you thank you thank you..

Deena said...

They are truly cute! I bought a child's desk at a yard sale... um... a while back, intending to paint it cute and let Brook use it til she got too big, then sell it. Haven't done any of that yet. :(