Friday, May 23, 2008

Indiana Jones, Hooray!!

Well, it's finally here: the most anticipated movie of the least in this household.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

(I tried to get the theme song to play on here as you read this blog but the code proved to be too complicated for my small mind. Hum along with me instead. Duh, da, duh, duh! Da, duh, duh. Oh, never mind. Just watch the trailer here. That should give you your John Williams fix for the time being.)

Anyway, I haven't seen the movie yet because I am a responsible adult with three children to take care of and a household to run. I can't just run off to midnight showings of blockbuster movies even if I have waited 20 years for them to play again. Oh to be young, free and stupid again.......or still, as the case may be.

Read on.....

Today, being a holiday weekend and all, I have a special guest post for you from my very own hubby. Enjoy!

Well Wednesday night (or should I say early Thursday morning) I did it.

A friend and I (thanks Johnny Gizmo) defied all logic and reasoning to attend the 4am viewing of Indiana Jones: The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

Mr. Cary, a mutual friend and drummer in our praise band at church, and his family own a local theater, The Orpheum, in Hillsboro. This family and their three theaters are worthy of a blog themselves as $6 gets you in the door for a first run movie, popcorn and a soda, not to mention, friendly smiles, candy as you leave and leather couches to sit on while you watch your movie.

For this event, they held a 24hr showing of Indy. He had joked at church the week before that they didn’t expect a big crowd for the 4 o’clock show. "So why not," I thought. Crystal and the kids would be sleeping, I could see the show, and get back just in time to teach 1st hour physics the next day.

We drove up that morning at 3:30am, and settled in. The previews were good, a new Will Smith flick, Get Smart, and Kung Fu Panda, then the John Williams score commenced. The movie was very good, easily rivaling The Last Crusade. Harrison Ford, jumped right in where he left off as an older Indian Jones. Instead of the Nazis, the Cold War Russians are the villains. Shea Lebeouf gives a good performance as Indy’s younger sidekick and Kate Blanchet is a very convincing villainess. The effects were good too, lots of computer generated, but some good acting as well.

Overall it was a fun night, I mean morning. :) The theater even gave out coffee and doughnuts to the crowd of 40ish. We’ll definitely take the kids soon, as they are chomping at the bit to see it. Rarely a day goes by when Cainan does not dress up as Indy at some point, dog leash whip and all. Believe it or not, I even stayed awake until 11pm the next night.

Total stars 4.5 of 5

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that movie was awful