Friday, June 20, 2008

Save on Milk

In my never ending journey to try and spend less on groceries one of the biggest obstacles is milk.

My family could consume a gallon a day if I let them. Let them? Yep. I'm the milk nazi. I ration the stuff like its liquid gold.

This drives Brian absolutely crazy. He "makes the money to buy the milk....he should be able to drink the milk whenever he wants."

True. But I think children need milk much worse than adult men do and people who eat cereal for breakfast (i.e. all of us but Brian) deserve to have some milk each morning and not have it guzzled by someone else as a midnight snack the night before.

He isn't the only one that has had to cut back. I've basically eliminated milk from my diet all together. I know, I know...the calcium. But I just can't justify drinking it when it is soooooo expensive and the kids need it.

But I have found a nice alternative. Yogurt.

I mix my cereal with yogurt, and sometimes berries. It's really good! I like the creamy and crunchy and sweet and tart all mixed together. And there is calcium in yogurt too! Not to mention the fact that I always have coupons for yogurt.

Just one more creative way to save a little at the grocery store.

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BarbaraLee said...

Calcium doesn't only come from milk there are some veggies too. We don't drink a lot of milk here either. 1 gal will last us a week or two. I use powdered for baking.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like if your husband doesn't use his share for breakfast, then he probably should be able to get some throughout the day.