Sunday, June 1, 2008

Final Thoughts on LOST

I haven't posted about the LOST Finale yet because I just watched it last night. We were swamped around here and didn't have time to watch it on Thursday. We got together with friends on Sat. evening to watch it and it did not dissapoint me one bit.

Well...maybe one bit. Jin did die...while Sun watched, screaming from the helicopter. That was awful, although not totally unexpected.
But the Desmond and Penny reunion more than made up for it. I couldn't believe it. I thought they'd dangle that relationship along for another season or two. I was so thrilled that they were reunited on the boat. I shouted for joy as we watched it.

Here is the one thing that TOTALLY shocked me. Sawyer lives. I know that probably didn't shock anyone else but I happened to read this post on Friday that said, "Now I'm going to go do some housework and try not to worry that they've killed-off Sawyer in LOST tonight!"

I watched the whole first half just knowing that he would die. Then he jumped off the helicopter (to sacrifice himself for Kate and the sweet...and because he really has no life to go back to anyway) and I thought it was over for him. Then like 10 minutes later he swims up and starts talking to Juliette! What episode was she watching? Did she stop watching part way through? Does she think that everyone who was on the island when it "moved" died? Was she just messing with us? I don't know. I plan to ask her though.

I thought the most intriguing part of the whole show was when Miles mentions that Charlotte (who one of my fellow bloggers calls C.S. Lewis...anyone know why?) has been trying to get back to the island for a long time. Hummmm! So she was there before. She is looking for her birthplace? Odd. I've read some theories that she is Sawyer's daughter. Who knows?

Of course the best lines of the night were,

Locke: Is he talking about what I think he's talking about?
Ben: If you mean time travelling bunnies, then yes.

And Sawyer came up with another great nickname. He called Frank the pilot "Kenny Rogers". Doesn't he look like Kenny Rogers? That is so funny. Do you think the writers come up with that or Josh What's-His-Name that plays Sawyer just said that because the guy really does remind him of Kenny Rogers?

I was glad that they seemed to answer several questions for us.

Who is in the coffin? John Locke
How do the 6 get off the island? Helicopter crash
How does Jin die? C-4
Who rescues them? Penny
How do you move an island? Turn a frozen underground wheel until you see fire and disappear.

Of course we are left with lots of questions too.

Why did John change his name to Jeremy Bentham?
Why are Jack and Sayid desperate to get back to the island?
Is Sun working for or against Whidmore?
Is Sun working for or against the Oceanic 6?
Why was Charlotte on the island?
How did Charlotte get off the island?
Is Hurley really insane?
Is Claire really dead?
Is the new season really not going to start until January? Ugh!

My newest wild theory: Charlotte is dead. That is how Miles knows about her. He talks to dead people, you know. Just a theory. We'll see.

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Nash deVille said...

Yes! I was wondering the same thing about Sun. When she said something to Whitmore about have "similar interests" I was thinking against. She better not do anything to harm Des and Penny. I cried when I heard them speaking Russian and knew it was her. Love it!

It will be a very long summer/fall/winter!

Anonymous said...

Charlotte's full name is Charlotte Staples Lewis (C.S. Lewis). I highly doubt this was done on accident. :o)

Melissa~ said...

Hi Crystal!

I'm so sorry I tortured you with that comment! I hadn't seen the episode yet, but had done all this theorizing that in the press conference they had said there were eight on the boat and two didn't make it.

So then in the previews I saw them all in the helicopter and realized that Frank and Sawyer had to be the "two that didn't make it" and I was just hoping that somehow they got away and weren't dead!

I was just as surprised and (so happy!!) as you when Sawyer walked up on that beach!

And I *refuse* to believe that Jin and Michael are really dead! I think they got thrown from the ship and remember? Daniel is out there in the life raft with that last load of people from the Island so he can go pick them up...

*OR* maybe when the Island moves it takes everything in the water with it and Daniel, Jin and Michael will be able to get back to the Island (not that great for them but it's better than being dead right?)

My hubby thinks they're dead though. But I just can't stand the thought of Jin never seeing his baby.

And the Desmond/Penny thing was so awesome wasn't it???? I just wanted to hug the writers for doing that and not something terrible to those two.

And of course they will have to go back with the six to help fix whatever is wrong on the island and maybe rescue everyone left?

And where are Rose and Bernard??

Ok, I better quit writing a novel on your blog.

Sorry, again for scaring you!

Your Friend,

Betty Lightbulb

(heh-heh- Did you do the "Sawyer nickname" thing? I can't remember? Here's the Link if you want to. It's at the bottom)

♥ Melissa~
Pink Paper Peppermints

Life In Progress said...

January seems like an eternity away. Love your re-cap - it's so great to have people who understand the obsession!

Christina M said...

I have never watched Lost, but I do know that John Locke and Jeremy Benthem were both British philosophers whose writings have greatly influenced the American governmental system.
Also, as an odd tidbit of information, Jeremy Benthem's body was preserved after his death and resides in the lobby of University College in London. Tradition at the college holds that if a vote by the College Council is a tie, Benthem's "auto-icon" (as it is called) will always vote in favor of the motion. Those brits can be so weird.