Wednesday, June 25, 2008

More Power

I have never been a tooth person.

Don't get me wrong....I have teeth, all of them actually, except my wisdom teeth.

I just don't enjoy working on them.

I've always hated brushing my teeth. I don't like the taste of toothpaste or the feeling of all that foam in my mouth. I do brush my teeth because I know I need to but I don't like it and I never, ever, ever floss. It is just too annoying and time consuming and painful.

I also don't go to the dentist unless it is an emergency.

The thought of all of that scraping and poking and digging gives me little nervous butterflies in my stomach just thinking about it.

I know. I am a horrible and disgusting person. Sue me.

Anyway, I have always hoped that my dental discrimination wouldn't rub off on my kids. I don't think it has. They love to brush their teeth, but they're 8 and 4 year old boys...they don't keep up with it very well.

Until now.

Because they were practically giving them away at CVS last week, I got two Oral-B Pulsar electric toothbrushes. The boys think they are the best invention known to mankind. They are brushing their teeth multiple times a day...just for the fun of it.

They love the buzzing sound and the tickly feeling it makes on their gums.There is no need to set a timer...unless it would be to make them stop brushing and go to bed. They cover each tooth multiple times with the spinning bristles.

Now if I could only teach them how to use a small dollop of toothpaste instead of half a tube at a time. Oh well, baby steps, baby steps.

So, electric toothbrushes definitely work for me, or at least for my kids.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds to me like you are an anti-dentite !

Crystal said...

I am an anti-dentite. Always have been. I even think they should have their own schools.

Anonymous said...

Actually they do have their own schools.

Audra Krell said...

This was hilarious! Your honesty is very refreshing, although I do wonder about your breath! I'm just kidding! Thanks for sharing this great tip. I guess some stores are carrying "Tooth tunes" as well, you can find them on sale sometimes. Maybe they will make one with YOUR favorite song and you'll brush your teeth multiple times per day just to hear it! :)