Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Amish Friendship Bread

A few weeks ago I got a starter of Amish Friendship Bread from an aquaintance. You know, the stuff that you feed little by little then make bread every 10 days and pass on starters to your friends.

Well, it was as delicious as I remembered from the last time the starters were flying around our little community a few years ago and the boys have had fun helping me make it. The only problem is nobody wants the 3 starters that I have to give away every 10 days.

When I offer it to someone they jump back like I've just tried to hand them the bubonic plague in a Ziploc bag. The reactions I get are all the same:

"No way, I've had that stuff before and it just goes on forever."

"No thanks. The bread is really good but I hate having to take care of it."

"It is such a waste because you can never get anyone to take the starters."

and even...

"If I had that stuff around my house I'd gain a hundred pounds."

I don't blame them. After making two batches over the last 20 days and only being able to give away 1 of the 6 starters I've been left with I totally understand. I'm not sick of the bread but I'm sick of dealing with the extra starters.

So....surely there is a way I can just make enough for my own bread and a starter for myself, right? I mean if I am currently making 2 loaves of bread and 4 starters and I just want to make 2 loaves of bread and 1 starter I could simply cut down the recipe, right?

Does anyone know if this works?

Do I need to cut down the recipe all along or just when I get to day 10 and start to divide it and make the bread?

Does anyone want a starter of Amish Friendsip Bread shipped to them?

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Sonshine said...

I'll take some!!! LOL!

Hey did you know that you once you divide the starter up that you can put it in your freezer for up to 3 months???!!! You can do that!! I took my 1 cup starters and put them in a sandwich size bag and then into a gallon freezer size bag and stuck them in the freezer. Then when I want to make bread I pull out 2 sandwich size bags(2 cups) and let it come to room temp. and then put it in with the rest of the ingredients for some fresh bread.

Also if you google "amish friendship bread recipes" you will find recipes(like pancakes, cinnamon rolls, etc) to use the starter in other than bread.

I also have a friend who does this...following a tip I found somewhere on the net to turn 1/2 of it into a regular sour dough starter by just feeding it 1/2 cup of milk and flour - no sugar on day 6 and on the tenth day I'll do the same and use the 2 cups to make two loaves of sourdough bread that the lady gave her recipe for. It uses the dough cycle on the bread machine for each loaf, and then she shapes it by hand. This uses up all the sour dough starter, and you can either do the same thing next time (making a sour dough starter lout of half your starter) or just follow the regular feeding schedule and amounts and you'll end up with about 6 cups of AFB starter to save, use, or give away.


Jessi said...

You can just make up all the starters yourself and then freeze the bread. The starters really don't have to go thru the whole waiting process. Or, yes, just cut down the recipe. It works.

fblife said...

I have done this, all you have to do is not add the extra flour before you pull our the new starters. Each starter is 1 cup, and you are adding 3 cups to 1 to make 4 cups of starter. Then you pull out 3 cups and put in bags, and use the rest to make bread.

Anonymous said...

Hi Crystal!

I literally tried my VERY first friendship bread a month ago!!

Ok, I was just going to tell you to freeze it, but I just saw sonshine mentioned that lol.

So nevermind! Freeze them!

Anonymous said...

You could always get the recipe, and just give away EVERYTHING. And don't keep a starter. That way when you want to do this again you will have the recipe.

I made once w/bananas and nuts, oh my goodness, was it gooooooooooood.

It'll save freezer space too!!