Monday, June 16, 2008

Blooming Projects

Well, I've been inspired once again by Pink Paper Peppermints.

I just can't get enough of those little flowers with the button centers.

This time I made one with rounded petals and added it to a dress I made for Kinley.

I also made the hair pin flower to go with it. Isn't it cute?

Then she had a tutorial about dressing up your resuable shopping bags....and I realized I'd already done that.

Thanks to Noel, who had a bag that had, "Breastfeeding is Fun!" emblazoned on it that she needed to cover up, for coming up with this idea to transform any bag into a photo display bag.

Here is my version of the dressed up canvas bag

1. Cut a rectangle (2 inches bigger than your picture on each side) out of a decorative fabric with pinking shears.

2. Apply fusible web to the back of the fabric and then iron it on to the bag. (Follow the directions on the package.)

3. Cut a rectangle (just slightly larger than your photo) out of clear vinyl. (Sold in fabric stores.)

4. Hand stitch it (I know, I know, but my machine doesn't like vinyl) onto your bag, centering it on the fabric you just ironed on.

5. Embellish the corner of the fabric square with silk flowers, beads, etc.

Voila! Embarassing messages disappear behind one of your favorite photos.


Kari said...

Cute stuff!!! Including Kinley. :o) Just wanted to let you know I bought two papers yesterday, but for some reason, I only received Smart Source...not sure what the deal is, so I think if it is okay with you, I'll wait until next week to mail the coupons to you. Not many good ones anyway...all seem like not very frequently bought things. Except a pledge coupon...bogo.

Deena said...

Never thought of covering up embarrassing messages with cute stuff. I just carry them around with me. Kidney Disease and Medicine Specialty Consultants? Soon it won't be!! :)

I was looking at Family Fun website today for craft projects for MOMS club. Found the CUTEST T-shirt idea for Independence Day. You twist together 4 folded in half pipe cleaners, floof them out to make a "fireworks" stamp, then use glittery paint on a red, white, or blue t-shirt. SOOO easy, and really cute too!!