Friday, June 13, 2008

Discuss It

Yahoo recently had a little article about how much height matters when falling in love and choosing a mate. As someone who is virtually the same height as her husband, I was interested in the article.

The female writer said that height did matter in first impressions but that women were willing to overlook it (or him, as the case may be) if they truly love the shorter man. She said,

"The things that matter when it comes to love are whether or not your values,
life goals, priorities, and communication skills align -- not whether you can
see over him when you wear your favorite stiletto heels."

A man said that it didn't matter to guys at all. He explained,

"Sometimes the one you end up falling head over 3-inch heels for doesn't
necessarily fit your "type," but then maybe she is exactly your type after all.
I mean you may not end up seeing eye-to-eye on your wedding day, but that
shouldn't matter because you can always PhotoShop the pictures. I did."

(I'd like to point out that if you are doctoring matters to you.)

I've always been self-consious about my height. I'm only 5'6" but I've been this tall since 5th grade when everyone else...including the boys....were all about 4'3". Finally by high school most of the guys started to pass me up. Now I consider myself to be average height, but being married to someone who is the tallest person in his family and claims to be 5'10" but is probably closer to 5'8" makes me think about it again.

I never, ever wear heels unless I'm going somewhere without my husband. In pictures I always make sure that he looks taller than me. If we are at home and he is barefoot and I have shoes on, I take mine off, so we'll be eye to eye. I don't know why it bothers me.

Brian could care less. He wants me to wear heels. He is quick to point to Nicole Kidman and the way she towered over Tom Cruise and no one seemed to care. I am quick to point out that they are divorced and she has since married someone that is at least the same height that she is.

Does anyone else feel this way?

What do you think when you see couples where the woman is taller than the man?


Anonymous said...

I'M NOT 5'8" !!!! Check the ruler!!

Kookaburra said...

I'm 5'8 and my hubby is about 5'5. I don't feel like it really bothers me (or him) that much. But I do find myself occasionally stooping down slightly... especially in pictures. And I really don't know why.