Friday, June 27, 2008

Abe and George


Most of our discussions around here have something to do with costumes.

It's always....

Cainan: "Where is my black cape, not the long one, the one that goes with blue Batman?

Ryker: "I can't find the Spiderman mask. I can only find black suit. I want the red one so I can be Peter and then turn into Spiderman."

Ryker: "Can I wear my suit jacket too? I want to be Maxwell Smart just like Cainan."

Cainan: "How do you make metal? Can you make me an Ironman costume?

Cainan: "I want to have an Indiana Jones birthday party. Can I have a brown leather jacket to wear for it?"

Mom: "Hurry up! We've got to get your costumes on so you won't be late for your ballgames."

Dad: "They're called 'uniforms', not costumes."

And on and on and on. They spend months planning what they will dress up as for Halloween and for their birthday parties. See, Ryker's birthday is the day after Halloween so we've always themed the party to go along with his Halloween costume for the year. So of course Cainan, even though his birthday is in the middle of July and nowhere close to Halloween, now thinks that all of his parties should involve elaborate costumes. Remember the pirate ensemble last year?

So it should come as no surprise that I overheard this conversation earlier this week.

Cainan: "I know. I'll be Abraham Lincoln for Halloween and you can be George Washington."

Ryker: "Well, then you'd have to have a beard."

Cainan: "So. You'd have to have hair on your ears."

I guess he does have hair on his ears. I never noticed that before.

I think I'd rather make a stove pipe hat than try my hand at forging metal so I think I'll encourage the Abraham Lincoln idea.

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fblife said...

so after Elijah ran into batman at the playground he came home and asked to wear his T Rex costume! Major milestone! Thanks batman!