Thursday, March 19, 2009


Lots of tension in this week's episode. Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Juliette....we're right back where we started 3 years ago.....30 years in the future....4 days ago....whatever. All of the pretending not to know each other and trying not to let anyone get killed creates a lot of tension too. You could cut the air with a knife for the entire hour.

This week's episode solved a couple of small mysteries. For one, I'm releived to find out that they didn't crash again....just more like had a rough landing. Secondly, the baby is Ethan. Makes sense. Gonna be hard to kill a guy you watched grow up, though.

Of course, I do still have some questions. Why didn't Sun disappear? Where is Farraday? Where did he go? What happened to him and what instructions did he leave for Sawyer and Juliette? What happened to Ole One Eye that used to run the Flame? I thought we might see him again. How did Sawyer have anything that would fit Hurley? A baggy sweatshirt is not sufficient.

LOL line of the night:
Dr. Chang to Jack: "Based on your aptitude test you'll be doing janitorial work."

And I must say, thank goodness for the jumpsuits. I don't think I could stand everybody wearing all those 70s clothes.

Yay, Sun!!!!! It had to feel good to knock Ben's block off with that oar. I was wondering how he would get left behind with the injured people from the plane crash/landing. I'm glad she did it but I feel like she may regret it. Ben might have known how to get back to "when" Jin and the others are. Of course now she's found Christian/Jacob (that guy is like a bad penny, he just keeps showing up) so he can probably give her the details. I was crushed that Sun was not "when" Jin is. I'm so ready for that reunion.

Little Ben is there already. I knew it!!! So, do all of the other fake Dharma people know who he is? Surely they've met him and put two and two together. And I was speculating that Dr. Chang was Miles' Dad and we'd see a big moment when Miles realizes that he did grow up on the island, but so far that hasn't materialized. Is is possible that Miles and the Doc haven't run into each other yet? How big of an island is it?

So based on the scenes from next week I'm anticipating a good cat fight (or at least the first rumblings of it) between Kate and Juliette. (My husband is hoping it will be in the mud again.) I'm also thrilled/afraid that Sayid may see it as his duty to kill Little Ben. As always, I can't wait to see what happens.


Sarah Eliza said...

Haha! Nice point... how *did* Sawyer have anything to fit Hurley?? And I think Sun would have kept Ben around if she had realized they might not all end up in the same "time" =/ Who do you think would win in a fight over Sawyer, if it came down to it? I'm thinking Juliet. But maybe that's just because I really really like her and Sawyer together. The fake Darhma people *must* know that Ben is there... Juliet at least thinks that he was born there, so the timing would necessitate it. I'm really curious whether they'll try to do anything with that too.

Heather J. said...

Great recap as always. :)

For commenter #1 - Ben wasn't born on the island, even though he has lied and said he was. We saw him born in the woods, when he mother died. That's where his dad first met Horace. - I can never keep the details straight myself, but this is one point that I DO remember. :)

kisatrtle said...

I too was wondering just how big that sweatshirt was...

The fact that Jack is a janitor is priceless.

I wanted to cry that Sun was 30 years in the future. I'm looking forward to their reunion more than Sawyer/Kate.

Any word on Bernard and Rose are they in 1985?

Jenny Girl said...

The janitor line was my favorite also. Good recap and nice thoughts.