Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Moving On

Our computer problems are over.....for now.

Our desktop was so full of spyware and viruses that it was going to cost us $150 just to have it cleaned up. Brian started checking around and found that basic laptops run around $350 to $400 so we decided to let the old girl die.

Actually she is going to be stripped down to the basics and moved upstairs for the kids to use for their games. Which meant that I still wouldn't have a computer with interenet access in the house all day long. I had kind of gotten used to doing all of my blogging and emails at night, though, so it wasn't a big deal. I figured in a month when we get our income tax refund we'd go laptop shopping and find something. Little did I know.

A few days ago I heard a knock at the outside garage door around 4 in the afternoon. When I went to the door I saw the UPS man handing over a package to Brian (who had just pulled in to the driveway). As the big brown truck pulled away Brian handed me the package and said,

"Happy Birthday, Valentine's Day, Anniversary and Mother's Day."

Look what was inside.

Isn't it cute?

I love it!! It is so light and so FAST and the graphics are really crisp and bright AND it has a CD/DVD burner! I've never had one of those before!!! I'm still getting used to the keyboard and touchscreen mouse....and Vista....ugh, but so far I really love using a laptop. MY laptop. Hooray!

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CZ said...

Fun!! That's on my birthday, anniversary, christmas, mother's day list!!!!