Friday, March 27, 2009

Big Money! Big Money!

Ryker's favorite show on TV right now is Wheel Of Fortune. He can't get enough of it. We watch it every night at 6:30, much to Cainan's dismay. He claims the show lacks entertainment value when you don't know how to spell.

Ryker knows all about the prize puzzles and jackpot puzzles and bonus rounds. He thinks it's exciting to see what exotic location they are in each week. He roots for a specific player every episode and is upset when they don't win. You ought to see his excitement when someone spins the $1 Million spot on the wheel.

He is pretty good at guessing the puzzles, but he gets frustrated when I know the answer before he does. I must admit, I'm pretty good at the show. I almost always get the answer first in our household and oftentimes before the actual players. I am by no means saying that I would have any success on the actual show, however. First of all, I am not lucky, so I would be hitting "Bankrupt" fairly often and secondly I would be so nervous that I would forget everything I ever knew anyway.

It brings back memories of my mom doing the same thing to us. She could always get the puzzles when there were only like 3 letters on the board. It was extremely frustrating. (As was her ability to recognize any episode of Star Trek the Next Generation after 3.4 seconds of air time and exclaim, "Oh, we've already seen this one. Remember? It's the one where Worf meets that Klingon girl and sniffs her hand.") Of course, that was back in the dark ages when you had to pick R-S-T-L-N-E for yourself and that was all you got, when the categories were Place, Thing and Proper Noun, when Vanna actually spun the letters around instead of just touching the magic LCD panels, when we had to get up and turn the dial on the TV to change the channel.

Wow! A lot of things have changed for the better....except maybe Star Trek. It all went downhill after Next Generation. Long live Jean Luc Piccard!


CZ said...

My mom was the best at Wheel of Fortune too. Do you remember when they got to pick their prize(s) from a room full of stuff? You would see all they had to pick from and get to see their head in the right had corner deciding their prize(s).

Anonymous said...

I totally remember when they had to pick their prizes. It took forever and there was time for like two puzzles on the show.