Friday, April 25, 2008

Oooooh, that Benjamin Linus is a Bad Guy

I'm so glad that LOST is finally back. Wow, interesting stuff last night.

Funny how they are trying to make us anticpate Claire's death at every turn now. We obviously know she is going to die and give her son to Kate, but I don't think it'll be right away. I'm not even sure it will really happen.

I still think that all of the flash forwards are showing us what will happen if the Oceanic Six leave the island. They aren't going to leave/be rescued so these things are not going to happen. On the other hand "the universe has a way of course correcting" so who knows. That's what makes the show so good.

I kind of had a feeling they might develop a storyline with Sawyer and Claire since it was getting a little crowded in the Kate-Jack-Juliette relationship. We'll see if that develops. (Did you know some people call them Jate? Cute.)

Thank goodness we didn't have to hear from Juliette last night. Now she is pretty much as in the dark as everyone else. Sweet justice! Oooooh, I don't like her. (Maybe that's because my husband has a crush on her.)

I do like Daniel. He is so geeky and somewhat naive. It is refreshing to have someone around that can be intimidated into telling the truth. What did happen with that doctor? Maybe Sayid got a hold of him?

Ben killed his daughter. Well, does it really surprise anyone? He seemed a little shocked that they actually did it but did you notice that Locke, Sawyer, and Hurley didn't even bat an eye? They are used to that kind of behavior from Ben.

Poor Alex. I liked her and she had to die hearing that she meant nothing to her "father". I wanted to get more of her storyline...and Rousseau's for that matter. Oh well, we all know that you often get more airtime after your demise on this show, so I'm sure we haven't seen they end of them.

Ben can control/summon the smoke monster. Now that was unexpected...and weird. I guess I'm glad that it got Whidmore's guys but I'm not in to the whole supernatural thing so I'm not a big fan of the killer smoke.

Why does Whidmore want to kill the Oceanic survivors anyway? I can see if Ben stole the island from him and stole his people (Dharma) from him why he would want to wipe out all of them, but why does he need to kill the Losties too? Maybe it is just because they now have knowledge of the previously secret island that he wants back?

So Sayid signed up to work for Ben again...and Ben "made" him do it. I am a little surprised at that. I thought that somehow Ben was blackmailing Sayid in to working for him. Seeking revenge for the death of Nadia fits perfectly into Sayid's m.o. though.


Why was Ben shot and who is the blessed soul that did it? Did he time travel to the Sahara Desert? He seemed a little confused about what date it was and he showed up in the desert in a parka.

What is the real relationship between Charles Whidmore and Ben? And why can't Ben kill him? Could it be because Charles lived on the island and now has it's special powers in/on/with him? (Kind of like the Russian guy with the eye patch.)

Will they kill off Jack with this appendicitis* thing or will they use it to strengthen the relationship between he and Juliette? I want him to live but I can't stand anymore romance with Juliette.

*I totally predicted the appendicitis by the way. Ask Brian. No doctor takes antibiotics for a stomach bug but they would take them if they thought their appendix was going bad. All those years of watching ER paid off I guess.

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oh amanda said...

Good questions! My big question is the whole Ben/Widmore thing. That was just the strangest conversation ever. I guess b/c we don't have all the info. And I definitely think that the time-travel thing is going to get bigger and bigger. At least I hope.

Jill said...

I really liked last night's show, too. I like the new twists and they do seem to be answering some questions as we go along. I'm glad Ben got knocked off his high horse a bit with the whole Alex-thing. (Since she's not real I don't feel bad not mourning her loss.) I didn't really have "feelings" for her one way or another, but I like Juliette. Funny. I don't thik she and Jack will get together. He and Kate are soul-mates. It'll be the two of them in the end. And I'd be super shocked if they kill him off.

Good show.

Runningamuck said...

I'm athinkin that Ben's shot up arm was a result of Sawyer finally getting a chance to have at him. Poor Sawyer's been wanting to sink his teeth into Ben's twisted, lying, sick-in-the-head hide for a long time now. Who ever it was, Ben must have been pretty darn scared to have transported out of there like that. I love seeing Ben scared. I think it's interesting that not only can Ben not kill Widmore but obviously Widmore can't kill Ben (otherwise he would have at the penthouse when Ben threatened Penny). Or is it that he just doesn't want to??

Aaaaahhhhhh! =0) Why do I love this show so?! I think my head is gonna burst.

Crystal said...

Good point, runningamuck. I would love to see Sawyer get his hands on Ben for once. One of my favorite moments was when Miles said that they had come for Ben and Sawyer said, "Great. How soon can we hand him over?" My other favorite was when Jack beat the snot out of Ben.

Cassie said...

They can't kill Jack...he's one of the 6. Right?? Reading all of these LOST posts are putting my own theories into question!