Saturday, April 26, 2008

How to Use a Scale

I read a blog called Weighty Matters every day. It is written by a canadian Obesity Physician.

He comments about stupid laws (like the fact that it was recently ruled to be against her human rights to force a McDonald's employee to wash her hands after using the bathroom...luckily this was in British Columbia), portion control (read the label people!), fast food (evil, evil, evil), and his medical practice.

Recently he had a great post about how to use a scale. He gives really good advice about the use of a scale during weight loss and what it means and doesn't mean and how to take it all in. It is well worth the short read.

He also says this about dieting: "the best you can enjoy, not the best you can tolerate, is truly the best you can do sustainably."

That is something I definitely need to remember.

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