Friday, April 18, 2008


Ok. By now you all know that we had an earthquake here this morning. It woke me up, and once I realized that is wasn't my husband jumping on the bed, I knew what it was. When I got up for the day a few hours later, I of course wanted to know where it originated and how big it was. In my internet search for those answers I came across a NBC News New York report.

Their correspondents had undoubtedly been up in the wee hours doing interviews and getting the big scoop on the quake. They travelled to Illinois and scraped together all the info they could before they had to go on air at 7 am EST.

Guess who they interviewed?


Yep. People sleeping 350 miles away from the epicenter.

Guess what they found out?

Their beds rattled.

Yep. A 5.2 magnitude earthquake will rattle the beds of suburbanites 350 miles away. Enlightening.

Now I have never been one of those "Chicago should be it's own state" kind of people. I've never really noticed the preferential treatment. I have noticed that it is the only city in Illinois that most out of staters have ever heard of, but other than that I can't say that I've been bothered by Chicago's fame before.

But this is ridiculous. What difference does it make if someone's bed rattled in Cook County when bricks were falling in on people in Richland County? Who cares if the lights flickered on and off one time in Skokie when foundations were cracking in Mt. Carmel?

Come on NBC. You can do better than that.

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