Monday, April 7, 2008

The End of Detox Week

Detox week ended in, well, tox. It was awful. Let's just say there was a Whopper and Little Caesar's Cheesy Bread involved. I haven't exercised since Thursday and I've had two glasses of soda and no water for 3 days. Ah...the best laid plans.

Anyway, things got really hectic and crazy around here Friday afternoon and Saturday and Sunday weren't any better. My house is a complete disaster, I've got one family member with stitches and one with a golf ball sized lump on his head. I've been making comfort food for all of us and I had to bring home leftovers from a bake sale at church yesterday. Yikes!

So, let's try this again. The bake sale goodies are going in the trash. Immediately. I'm going to the grocery store today so I will be able to stock up on some healthy food. I've got TurboKick scheduled for 3 days this week and I'm finally going to get some batteries for that digital scale I bought last week and never used.

Take Two!!