Thursday, April 10, 2008

Long Distance, Please

Kinley's attitude of late has been well documented here. However, if there were still any doubt I offer the following anecdote.

Kinley loves to play with the phone...not the three old phones that don't work anymore that are in her toy box...the real phone, of course.

She has discovered the "speaker" button and loves to press it and listen to the dial tone blasting from the cordless phone. Luckily, I can also hear that dial tone from anywhere in the house, so I can come running and turn it off before she dials China or something.

A few days ago I heard the tell-tale signs of Kinley on the phone and ran to get it from her. She was already starting to dial by the time I got there. What number was she calling you may ask?


How appropriate.

I rest my case.

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