Thursday, January 22, 2009

Season Five is Finally Here

Well, it's back. The best show on television since Seinfeld (which is techinically still on 47 times a day in reruns)is back for it's 5th season and it started with a bang.

Time Travel. We all suspected it, the writers have given us glimpses of it, but now I think we've got an entire season in front of us of characters bouncing in and out of the past, present and future. Thank goodness they've got a quantum physicist running around the island with them to explain it all.

It was great to have some "old stuff" brought back and worked in Eko's brother's plane and finding a dead boar in the jungle, etc. And I am looking forward to, in the immortal words of Haley Joel Osmet, "seeing dead people". I had heard that Libby would be back this season and I suspect we can anticipate appearances by Boone, Shannon, Charlie and several others. Of course we've got to get back to Walt and Michael at some point to, I guess.

Of course the season premier left me with more questions than answers, as usual.

Who wants Aaron so badly, and why?

Is Charlotte going crazy and having nose-bleeds (the first signs of upcoming death)from too much time travel and the lack of a constant, like the poor guy on the freighter?

Why don't the rules apply to Desmond? Because he isn't part of Dharma (technically) or the Others? Because he got himself, with Penny's help, off of the island?

Is Ben desperate to get back to the island so he can overthrow Locke?

Is Sun still a "good guy"? She's scaring me a little.

Who was the lady in the butcher shop, Jill? Was I supposed to recognize her from the island?

So many questions and only two more seasons to get them all answered. Aaaaahhhh!

On to miscellaneous observations:

I must say that I'm glad Jack is clean shaven and off the pills, at least for now. I couldn't take much more of that beard.

I love that Hurley is the only one smart enough (or insane enough) to confess to quadruple homicide instead of walking outside with Ben. His (Hurley's)recap of events to his mom was great, too.

I think Ms. Hawking is Daniel's mother and I'm glad that she's back. I love it when they bring back someone that you thought was a "one timer" and turn them in to a main character. That just makes it so awesome! I also think it is awesome that she can boss Ben around.

I can't wait for next week....and the next week....and the next week.....and the next week.....well, you get the point.

Until then.......Namaste!


~*Michelle*~ said...

Popping over from Rocksinmydryer....loving LOST and your take on it too!

Kingdom Mama said...

Love your take! Can't wait til next week.

BTW, it's Charlotte Staples Lewis;)

Kary said...

LOST Fanatic, awesome premiere but I don't know if I can wait till next week to see it again. My husband & I got into Lost about 3 months ago and we watched seasons 1-4 in like 2 weeks. So it is going to be hard to watch it week to week:)

Love how you say it is the best show since Seinfeld, love that show too!

everydayMOM said...

I think the rules don't apply to Desmond because he has already successfully gone back and forth and around and around through time and then he was able to make his time switching stop when he found his constant. Does that make sense?

I was SOOOO expecting Boone to walk up to that plane when Locke was lying there.

Hurley's recap to his mom was hilarious! I loved that part, too.

Great recap. Thanks for coming by my blog, too.

The Momma said...

More LOST love from me too!
Yay! I'm so glad it's back!

margalit said...

I don't think Mrs Hawking is Daniel's mom, but maybe Jill is. At first I thought Jill might be that psychologist that tested Walt when he was captured by the Others, but I'm not sure. She just looked familiar.

Anyhow, my writeup is here:

Come read it.

Ashley said...

I love this show! Great thoughts and questions, some of the same questions are plaguing me as well. Thanks for the comment. Looking forward to next week!

Bobbi said...

Sun is scaring me a little, too! Great recap!

Chelsey said...

Awesome thoughts. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog!

I think the rules don't apply to Desmond because he can see the future... he's special in some way. And he's no longer freaking out about stuff because he found Penny, his constant.