Thursday, January 29, 2009


If you are anything like me these were your comments during LOST last night:

1. Stay on the boat Desmond! Desmond, DO NOT LEAVE PENNY!

2. Yeah right. A shaggy haired toothpick of a guy with a black string tie really looks like someone from the US military. (Thoughts echoed later in the show by cute petite British girl with rifle.)

3. Aaaaaahhh, he named his son Charlie. That's sweet.

4. They raised a baby on a boat!!????!!!!

5. *gasp* Whidmore!!????!!!!

6. *gasp* Charlotte!!????!!!!!

7. A hydrogen bomb? That explains the giant concrete hatches and fertility issues, I guess.

So here is what we know now:

It is currently 1954 and there is a small group of "Others", led at least partially by Richard, living on the island. The US military has been storming the island, I assume in an attempt to retrieve their H-Bomb. Dharma has not entered the picture yet as far as I can tell.

I have a feeling that Whidmore, knowing of the island's power......when he is booted off for insubordination or leaves or whatever.......creates Dharma and sends them to the island to discover all of it's possibilites. Or it could be that Whidmore has spent 50 years looking for the island and just found it for the first time with that freighter and Dharma is led by someone else.

I have no great new theories after last nights episode except for this:

Ben told John that he was to become the new leader of the island. Could it be that the island has therefore sent John back in time to a time before Ben arrives so that John can assume his leadership before Ben ever has the opportunity to?

What year did Ben arrive on the island? Late 60s, early 70s? Could it be that Whidmore was a leader on the island and was displaced by Ben the same way that Ben is being displaced by John?

Theresa Whats-Her-Name in the coma looked an awful lot like Charlotte....and so did the girl in the picture that Desmond found in Daniel's old lab. Are they one in the same? I think so. Remember how Desmond would pass out on the ship while he was time traveling around Scotland?

I really liked this episode, but I think it may be the first one in the history of the show that didn't have either Jack or Kate in it. Weird. It was nice to be on the island almost the whole time though. I enjoy the island story lines better than all of the suffering going on back on the mainland.

(Strange that the people with indoor plumbing, refrigeration and fast food are the ones suffering, but hey, Ben warned them not to go, right?)


everydayMOM said...

Good thoughts! The thought crossed my mind that Charlotte and Tereasa were one and the same, but I'm not thinking we have a ton of evidence for that at this point. I also think that Charlotte was born on the island and since she has a different name than Tereasa, not sure they can be the same person... but there certainly is SOMETHING up with that connection!

I also think that Ellie, the girl with the gun, grows up to be Eloise Hawking, who is Daniel's mom. Daniel also named his lab rat Eloise, which makes me think Ms. Hawking is his mom.

I have a lot of other thoughts on my blog:

~*Michelle*~ said...

Another Lostaholic popping in your head to hear your take......I rambled myself this morning.

I am taking this to an unhealthy level and I cannot stop thinking about Whidmore being one of the Others. eek.

until next week.......


Anonymous said...

This show sounds ridiculously complicated.Even so, I want to get them on netflix : )


kisatrtle said...

I too was awwwwing over the baby Charlie; but a little creeped out by the Charles connection. I find Penny to be the most understanding woman in the entire world.

"Sure Dessy we can name the baby after your dead friend, though that name is a little close to my evil father's name. How do you feel about Chuck???"

Wani said...

I love Penny and Desmond together... I so hope that nothing too awful happens to them!!