Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I just found the coolest thing!

Well, it's cool if you are a purse addict like me.

I can't justify buying any more purses when I already have so many. I've even given up getting my purses at consignment shops. I just really don't need anymore. But I still like to LOOK.

Anyway, have you heard of Miche Bags? They are a simple black or brown bag with exchangable covers. You can buy one bag and then change the look of it as much as you like. What a great concept!

Their bags are sold in retail stores (mostly smaller salons and boutiques) and through home demonstrations and shows. The average bag costs $35 and each "shell" costs $25. That is too pricey for me.

But I got to thinking....."I bet I can make something like that myself."

I've made lots of purses before. That should be no big deal. The shells are just held on with super strong magnets, and luckily I have access to a physics teacher that plays around with magnets that will hold things through a human hand. So why not?

I think it'll be my next project.

Now, don't tune in to the blog next week and expect to see the amazing new "Crystal Bags". It'll take me awhile. But I'll keep you posted.

In the meantime if you want to check out Miche Bags click here.

I found retailers nearby in Highland, Effingham and Marion, Illinois if you'd like to see some of their merchandise in person.

Note: All purses pictured in this post are Miche Bags.


CZ said...

I have heard of them...but here's a question for your physics teaching husband...don't magnets do damage to credit cards etc? What about hotel key cards? I'm sure that with the popularity of the purses you can put credit cards in them without a problem, but how? I have had my hotel key card disabled several times due to its proximity to my cellphone or so the hotel front desk told me.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure changing the faceplate of the purse would be enough to satisfy your "purse desires" :-)