Friday, March 28, 2008

What Shall Man Do To Me?

I've been feeling a little bit sorry for myself lately. I am an extrovert and staying in the same house day after endless day with the same two little people is not good for my state of mind. I struggle with loneliness and the feeling that I don't have any friends.

Of course that isn't true. I have friends...probably a lot of friends really, but I'm not part of a group of people that does things together. I'm not sure why that matters to me...but for some reason it does. I'm pretty sure that most of the people that I think I would like to hang out with don't actually like me. Apparently I have a difficult personality.

Anyway, I said all of that whiny stuff to say this: None of it really matters!

I got an e-mail from a friend that I hadn't talked to in over a year. She too is a stay at home mom and has 2 little boys. She was catching me up on what has been going on in her life. I'll summarize:

Her mother, who is suffering from MS, moved in with them and has now been confined to a wheelchair so they have to remodel their home to accomodate her needs.

Her brother also moved in with them for 6 months while he was struggling to overcome drug and alcohol addiction.

Her father died unexpectedly from accidental carbon monoxide poisoning.

If I never get asked out for coffee with friends again...who cares! I have my healthy parents, my home, my husband and kids. I don't have anything more difficult to do everyday than laundry and changing diapers (baby diapers, at that). How can I complain about anything in my life?

Even in her e-mail she told me that things are not all bad there and that she often thinks of a song I sent her once because it reminds her of God's faithfulness. It is still one of my favorite songs. I haven't had to test the truth of it's meaning yet in my life but she has, and I know I will someday.

Click Blessed Be Your Name by Tree 63 and let it encourage you today too.

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