Monday, March 24, 2008

Snow on the Eggs

Happy Easter from the Grove family! Yes, we had snow off and on all day on Easter Sunday. Big, juicy flakes. We even got a thin covering on the ground. That means that we officially had more snow on Easter than we did on Christmas. Weird.

But that didn't stop us from doing all of the traditional Easter stuff. Actually, last Sunday when it was fairly warm we had our Easter egg hunt at church. Ryker was disappointed that he didn't find the golden egg on this, his last year to participate in the hunt. Cainan of course had a ball and Kinley discovered the thrill of egg hunting for the first time. She's hooked now.

Then on Saturday we dyed our own eggs at home. I can never find a use for 24 hard-boiled eggs so I usually just leave them raw. That works fine unless you have a 1 year old involved in the process. Ryker chose to dye his the traditional way,

but Cainan, ever the artist, had to water color paint on his. I took a page from Ryker's teacher's book and put Kinley's dye and egg in a Ziploc back and let her shake away. This picture was taken about 3 miliseconds before she banged the bag on to the table with her wild shaking and we had yolk mixed with our dye.
I had the bright idea to give her a hard-boiled egg that had already been dyed yellow and let her color on it with a crayon. You can see what happened next.

On Easter Sunday morning we hunted for our real eggs at home and then went to church. We took lots of pictures of all of us in our finery. We then headed down to Grandma's for another egg hunt. After collecting more candy we went to Grandad and Granny's for a delicious supper, another egg hunt and a game of Harry Potter Scene It. A great day all around!

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