Saturday, March 22, 2008

My Hero

I got an interesting text from Brian a few days ago. It read, “Just gave blood.” I responded with, “Why?” To which he replied, “To save lives.”

In my defense I thought he was referring to having blood drawn for the Health Fair that was supposed to be at the school the previous week but got snowed out. I was afraid that I had missed the rescheduled date, at which I was supposed to have my blood drawn too. So when I realized that he actually just voluntarily gave blood at a blood drive I was shocked. In his 35 years he has never once given blood….ever. He doesn’t even know what his blood type is. He doesn’t really like needles.

Last year was the first time I’ve even been able to convince Brian to get tested at the Health Fair. Of course he got a newbie tech that dug around in his vein for a while and left him with a huge bruise, so that didn’t help my cause any. But now he is determined that his cholesterol numbers (which were fine, by the way) will be better this year than last year so he is all gung ho about the Health Fair. Men. Turn anything into a competition and they’re all for it.

Anyway, he shows up at home with one of those little blood droplet pins on his shirt and a big bandage on his arm. As it turns out after he gave he started sweating and got pale and faint. The little old ladies had to lay him down and pump him full of cran-grape juice and cookies before he could go teach his 3 rd hour class. Of course several of his students saw him in this state and felt sorry for him. Apparently he expected the same reaction from me.

Oooops! I’m sorry, I just find it hilarious that a 190 lb. man is going to faint after giving a pint of blood. I started giving blood in high school when I weighed 130 lbs. and I never so much as stopped for a swig of orange juice before I was back to the pickle ball game in P.E. Of course, when I tell Brian this he says, “Well I probably squirted it out quicker than you did.” Uh, huh, whatever. He was indignant that he wasn’t greeted with a hero’s welcome. After all he had just "saved lives"!! His bruise was half the size this time, give me a break!

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