Thursday, March 20, 2008

Down to One

Cainan had a playdate with a friend today. As we pulled away from the house after dropping him off Kinley pointed at the house and started whimpering. I thought it was cute that she loves her brother so much but mostly I thought, "Great, now how am I going to get anything done today!" As much as he loves to harrass her, Cainan also spends a lot of time entertaining Kinley. That is especially helpful this week when I am trying to make myself a jacket to go with my Easter and dress and have been sewing non-stop since Monday night. (More on the sewing project later.) But I guess we both need to get used to it because next year it just going to be the two girls all day every day. Cainan registered for Kindergarten yesterday and is really excited about going. I am excited for him too, but it will be strange having only one child around.

Another mom at the Kindergarten screeening asked me, "What are you going to do with all your time next year when you only have one at home?" I was a little startled by her question and didn't know how to respond. Will I have "extra" time next year? As I think back over my career as a "homemaker" I don't think the amount of time you have or amount of work you do is in any way proportionate to the number of kids you have at home. Meals, naps, laundry, diapers and pets are no respecter of persons. I suddenly realized that this mom has always worked so she probably thinks staying at home is just a lot of computer solitaire when you only have one sweet little girl there with you. Of course those of us on the other end know "that just ain't so." So I just smiled and said, "I guess I'll volunteer at the school more." That seemed like the appropriate response while standing in the school in front of the Kindergarten teachers.

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