Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Long Weekend

I'm back after a long weekend of taking care of Mom and her laundry, cooking and mowing and doing a little relaxing, game playing and shopping with Brian and the boys.

I do not have the promised recipe for Homemade Cheese Crackers today. I haven't had any time to bake this week at all. This is a weigh-in week too, so I am staying as far away from the kitchen as possible anyway.

I do have a couple of recommendations based on our activities this weekend.

#1 Play "Puerto Rico". It is a strategy game based on the settlement of the island of Puerto Rico during colonial times. It is very fast paced and fun. Brian had played it several times before, but Ryker, Cainan and I were new to the game. We played it twice this weekend and we all loved it. (This is where I leave out the part about Ryker beating me both times....and Cainan once.)
#2 Go to "Monkey Joes". This is a Chuck E. Cheeses type of place, but instead of arcade games it features huge inflatables. All three of the kids loved it. For $23 they could play for an unlimited amount of time. Parents are free. The food (pretzels and pizza) is kind of expensive so we ate before we went. Even Kinley could make it up and over and around every inflatable in the place....with a little help from Ryker occasionally. There are special areas for children under 3, but of course she wasn't content to play there after she got a taste of the big time. After we had spent an hour and a half in there they were sweating and exhausted. They slept all the way home.
I'm getting back in to the swing of things now so I'll be posting more regularly this week. I hit two huge fabric sales yesterday so I've got lots of sewing projects that I will be working on and posting about.
I hope everybody is ready for the start of summer. I know I am.

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