Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Incident *UPDATED*

Well, I did have time to watch LOST last night but I don't have time to say much about it other than....

I WAS RIGHT!!!!!!!

It's like the first time I have ever predicted anything correctly on this show. I've been saying all along that Locke was dead. After all the name of that episode when he was reintroduced was "Dead is Dead", and these writers NEVER say anything they don't mean. I didn't suspect that Locke's body was in the box until last night though. When they showed it to Lapidis it just hit me. I knew they were carrying his body around to show everyone that there was an impostor on the island. (You can ask Brian. I was predicting it all night.)

Now, I must admit that I was also wrong. I thought that Jacob was inhabiting Locke's body. Obviously I didn't know that other dude so I didn't suspect him. I really have no idea who he is. Apparently he and Jacob were trapped in the same kind of "I-can't-kill-you-and-you-can't-kill-me" deal that Whidmore and Ben are stuck in. "That other guy" figured out a way to get back on the island (inside a dead body....creepy) and convince someone else to kill Jacob. So I guess next season will be revealing who "that other guy" is and Richard and the statue gang trying to kill Locke.

The questions raised are limitless but the big one for me is....Is Jacob good or bad? I almost get the feeling he is a good guy. He seemed to be traveling around in time to share in major life moments with the Losties. It was like he wanted to get to know the people he was "ruling". He is going to be a very interesting angle to the show now.

Of course the other biggie is.......Who is "that other guy"? I have a feeling that it will be someone we know, or have at least met at some other point in the show. It seems a little late to introduce a new character now, doesn't it? And why did he want to kill Jacob? How long were they on that island together and what did Jacob do that ticked "that other guy" off so much?

Meanwhile on the other side of the space-time continuum......The love quadrangle continues. I'm sorry, but I'm just about sick of it. I think Juliette and Sawyer are perfect for each other (they both enjoy beating people senseless, apparently) and they should just be Dharma the rest of their lives or go be Microsoft tycoons in 1980s USA and be happy. Just move on!!! I just didn't buy the fact that the one little glance from Sawyer to Kate was enough to make Juliette want to NEVER even meet Sawyer in the first place. I felt like that whole tension was a little underdeveloped.

Having said that, I think Juliette made a lot more sense than Jack did. If you lose the one woman you've ever really loved (except for your ex-wife who you also have an undying love for) you punch your fist through a wall, or call her cell phone 215 times a day, or, in extreme cases, drive your car off a cliff....but you do not BLOW UP A HYDROGEN BOMB! Come on! There has got to be more to it than that.

I would have believed Jack if he had lamented all the people that had died and how he could save them all if he just kept the plane from crashing even if it was at a great personal sacrifice to himself and Kate and Sawyer. He's a 'saver', that's his M.O. He may be a lovesick puppy too, but he usually doesn't act on it. He just mopes and finds someone too save to keep his mind off of it. I found that whole "I've lost Kate" line of reasoning ridiculous. Go over there and plant a big kiss on her if you want her....don't blow her back to 2007 where she'll be IMPRISONED FOR LIFE!!!

Don't even get me started on why Kate suddenly agreed with Jack's plan. He didn't explain anything new to her. He just came back bleeding so she said, OK. Weird. I'm not sure what was happening there. They needed to kiss!!! That would have helped the whole scene a lot.

The scene that I thought was perfect was Juliette's death. No, not because I've always disliked her (which I have), but because it was full of angst and deathbed confessions of love and flying metal. (You should have seen Brian's face when she was about to drop down that shaft. Priceless!) I felt really sorry for Sawyer (and even Juliette, a little bit). I really believed that they loved each other and that Sawyer will now be completely lost and Kate the perfect opportunity to fall in love with him again. Missed your chance again Jack.

While the whole "I love you so I wish I'd never met you" story line was a bit blah I thought Juliette detonating that bomb was the PERFECT ENDING to the season. She was saving Sawyer from the pain of ever knowing her....if it worked. I have a firm belief that she will not be dead for long. Maybe just until the series finale when all the dead people are back to life or time is back to before they died and they are still alive.

As for Sayid....I don't know. As I said earlier these writers never say anything they don't mean. So if Sayid says, "Nothing can save me," he's probably right. However if we are suddenly back in 2007 at the beginning of next season....I have no idea what to expect. If he is dead for now then I reassert the opinion mentioned above....he'll be back.

Speaking of back.....Bernard and Rose (and Vincent) FINALLY! It was so good to see them. I'd loved their take on everything. I think it is another example of the writers letting characters say what the viewership is thinking. In this case I think they were speaking for that group of people that can't get on the LOST bandwagon because it is sooooo far fetched and the characters are "always finding another reason to shoot at each other." I think Bernard and Rose's retirement was perfect. Juliette and Sawyer should borrow a chapter from their book. Boy, are they gonna be mad if Jack blasts them back to the present/past/future.

Overall, it was an exciting finale to a great season. I'm already eagerly awaiting next season and the mysteries it will present and the questions it will answer. I'm sure I've left a lot out of this post. I can't remember everything that happened. Please feel free to comment and give me your thoughts. I know there were some laugh out loud lines that I've forgotten to mention. You can also read other theories and recaps over at LOST Books Challenge.


~*Michelle*~ said...

My babbling ramblings are up if you can make sense of it all.....but you are creepy to be transported in a dead body, huh?

I'll be back to catch up with you. :)

Heather J. said...

I'm just now getting around to reading the recaps - sorry!

~ A Few Thoughts ~

Don't you LOVE it when you guess something right on this show?! Congrats on that!

Not sure if I really think Jacob is good ... for some reason I think HE might end up being the bad one ...

And yes, Jack was being a complete idiot with the whole Kate/bomb thing. Ugh.

Sarah Eliza @ devastateboredom said...

Haha! Love your point about Rose/Bernard saying what the viewers are thinking... I really do enjoy those moments too.

I kind of tend to think that it won't be as straight-forward as Jacob is good, his frienemy is bad. I feel like it will be more ambiguous than that... there's been too many inconsistencies so far I think. And I talk about in my post how even the actions of Jacob that we saw in the finale had mixed consequences... but who knows, the show could definitely use the structure of a nice simple good vs bad scenario. :P