Thursday, May 28, 2009

Jon - Kate

Is anyone besides me somewhat heartbroken over the entire Jon and Kate Plus 8 saga?

I just feel terrible for them. I can't imagine what kind of stress and pressure they are under. Raising 8 kids publicly has got to be hard enough but then add a crumbling marriage, tabloid allegations and, most recently family members (Uncle Kevin and Aunt Jody) speaking out against them saying they are exploiting their children.

I was never a die hard fan of the show. I've seen maybe 75% of all the episodes aired. It is a really cute show and they seem to be a great, loving family that has fun together....although I will admit that Kate's treatment of Jon did bother me at times. He seemed a little hen pecked. Now I can barely watch it because it is just so sad.

It isn't like a regular movie or TV drama or sitcom where you can just tell yourself, "Hey, it's just a show. Goose didn't really die when he hit the canopy. Anthony Edwards is still alive and now he's a doctor in Chicago." These are real people with a lot of real anger.....and a lot of real kids that are going to be hurt.....for real.

I don't know who is to blame for the whole mess. The network. The Gosselins. The paparazzi. Jon's alleged affair. Kate's alleged affair. Jon kind of being forced to be a stay-at-home dad. Kate kind of being forced to travel all the time. I'm sure it is a mixture of all of the above.

I'm not sure I can bear to watch the rest of the season if it is going to be like the season opener was. They didn't even sit on the couch together. The tension in the air is just too much. I feel like screaming, "Leave them alone. Give them a chance to work it out."

I know they invited this life on themselves and I understand why they did it. Who can fathom the tremendous financial strain of raising 8 kids. When faced with the simple option of allowing America to watch them do it, all of their worries were gone. The network pays for it all. Neither one of them have to work another job. They have a new beautiful home that has plenty of room for all of them. They get wonderful vacations in great locations all paid for. Their every need is met and they can have a secure financial future because they do this show. It almost seems like an offer too good to pass up. But has the personal cost been too high?

I don't know. My heart just breaks for them and I pray that they can get the help they need to heal emotionally and fix their marriage.

What do you think?


CZ said...

I've had a very unhealthy obsession with all things Gosselin lately. It's like a car accident...can't look away. But like you I'm heart broken by it. The few episodes I've watched allowed those little kids to find a way into my heart (and that happens with "fake" kids in tv and movies...these kids are for real!!)
As much as I've clicked on all the info I can find about the Gosselins I think it's time they put a stop to EVERYTHING...find a good counselor and decide what's going to happen from here. I think their fans will still be there, if they decide to invite cameras back into their home.

CZ said...

P.S. The Gosselins have always had a weird relationship with family members (hello...where are Kate's parents?)...but when the extended family is turning on them like that (including other names I don't recognize from the show)...makes me wonder what is going on.

The Giffen Family said...

I with Christina, it's SO hard to look away. My heart is also broken for the children. Children who have been provided SO much in their short lives but none of that will matter if they don't have their parents. Kate constantly talks about "life experiences" and how they are afforded all these great opportunities - but now LIFE has really happened in their family and home and they need to step away and work on that so their children aren't completely broken.

Crystal said...

I have always wondered where the families are. Where is Jon's mother and brother? Do these kids have grandparents or not? They never seem to visit. I've always thought that was a little weird.