Thursday, May 7, 2009

Follow The Leader

My random thoughts on last night's episode:

Someone on the show (Ben) finally acknowledged Richard's immortality. Yes! Now if they'd only clear up the eyeliner issue we'd be all set.

It was ironic that the tables turned on Sawyer and Rudinzsky and Phil got to beat him to a pulp. I was proud of Sawyer for not telling them least not until he could get something valuable (a sub ride) in return. Hey, and an added bonus....Juliette got her clocked cleaned too. Can't say I didn't smile a little at that.

I think the funniest part of the whole episode was when Dr. Chang is trying to trip up Hurley...not too difficult. When Hurley claims to be 46 years old and that there is no such thing as the Korean War I was laughing so hard. Then Hurley's apology to Miles and Jin is funny too, it's almost like "Sorry dudes, but you knew I wasn't smart enough to pull that off."

Good old Sayid. He's always ready to pop out of the jungle and kill some people just when you need it most. I guess he's just been sneaking around waiting for a chance to save someone. Kate's lucky he didn't shoot her when she told him that she had saved Ben's life.

When is Jack going to wake up and realize that Kate does not benefit from this "the plane will never crash" plan?!?! She'll never fall in love with Jack, she'll never get to be a mother to Aaron, and she'll likely rot in prison for the rest of her life. Why does Jack persist in this idiotic idea? What does he have to go back to anyway? His life before the crash was misery anyway. Misery on a beautiful tropical island or misery in Los Angeles, what difference does it make?

I really do believe that the island is communicating with John very clearly. Think about it. When he got shot in the leg and Richard removed the bullet, John was bouncing around through time every 30 seconds or so. There is no way John could have figured out when he was so that Richard could help him without some kind of supernatural guidance. Don't ask me what else the island is telling him, because I have no clue.

I've been involved in a couple of love triangles in my (teenage) days. They usually involved a lot of avoiding each other and leaving nasty notes in each other's lockers, but never were the three of us handcuffed together in the bottom of a submarine together. Poor Sawyer and Juliette. They just can't escape Kate. How and why do they get off that sub? Go please, just go!!!!

So now what is Jack's big plan for the bomb? He's just gonna follow the diagrams in Daniel's journal and set it off....after moving it to The Swan? Or maybe he is just going to set it off right where it is and blow up everything in Dharmaville? I really don't understand why he thinks this is a great idea.
Wasn't it sooooo gratifying to see Ben standing there in complete shock and confusion when John announced he was going to kill Jacob? Ah, how the tide has turned.

In the scenes from next week:

I'm excited that Juliette and Sawyer finally have the big blow up over Kate. I'm also glad to find out what is in that big box Ilana and the goons are hauling around the beach. Another encounter with Jacob ought to be interesting too. Are they going to shoot Jack to keep him from detonating that bomb? I wouldn't put it past Sawyer, Juliette or Kate. (Sawyer and Juliette will never meet if he suceeds either.)

What I am now confused about:

Time travel. (duh!) Specifically....why did future John have to tell future Richard to go pull the bullet out of past John's leg and tell him to die in order to bring the Losties back to the island? Future John wasn't there the first time Richard pulled the bullet out of John's leg right? Or was he? How can that be? Do I even want to burn the brain cells to try to figure it out? Probably not.

Jacob. Was John trying to insinuate that there is no Jacob and that Richard has just been using the facade of Jacob to influence the "leaders" (Whidmore, Ben) that he advises? Or does John really believe that he will be able to see Jacob when no one else has ever been able to? Did he see him in the cabin? (He didn't have a DVR or screen capture so I don't see how he could have.) And what does killing Jacob accomplish anyway? If my "dead is dead" theory is right and John is dead and acting as a host for Jacob (aka the Smoke Monster) then what will John have to do to kill Jacob? Remember when Jacob asked John to help him? Maybe this is it. Jacob is tired of being a smokey parasite and wants out of the whole thing. He (the island, whatever) has told John how to kill him (Jacob). I don't know. We'll see I guess.

Are we ever going to see Rose and Bernard and the gang again? Where are they and what are they doing? Maybe we never see them because they are in a different time than Locke and Jack' s crew. I hope they have some kind of interesting storyline when they finally do return to the show. And what about Claire? Kate is supposedly trying to find her. I guess we won't get that until next season.

Only one episode left! Bring on the incredible cliffhangers!


Heather J. said...

“So now what is Jack's big plan for the bomb? He's just gonna follow the diagrams in Daniel's journal and set it off” See, that is a problem right there. How, exactly, is Jack going to understand the notes of a mathematical genius like Daniel? It has to look like a foreign language to him!

Diane said...

I think I get the whole Locke/Locke/Richard/bullet thing -

The taking out of the bullet was in the watcher Locke's past, so whatever watcher Locke did to get Richard there was already done, so to speak. Watcher Locke couldn't not do it, since the event was already in his past, even though he doesn't lead Richard there until his present. He wouldn't elect not to do it, as if he did that, the chances are his present would be entirely different, and he wants to be king of the island no matter what.

Well, it's clearer than that in my mind!

Kacie said...

Yep, I too maintain that John is dead! I wrote about it here:

Sarah Eliza @ devastateboredom said...

Totally on the same page as you about something / someone directing John to that moment to orchestrate his own meeting with Richard. I wrote a *ton* about what Locke's "hi ho, hi ho, it's off to kill Jacob we go" thing means... let me know what you think!

PS, I was kind of surprised you were glad to see Juliet beat up?

Crystal said...

Heather: Exactly! Who could decipher a postcard written by Daniel, let alone instructions for detonating a nuclear device?

Diane: Uh, what? :)

SarahEliza: My husband has a "thing" for Juliette, so I naturally hate her. Plus she kind of wormed her way in between Jack and Kate, who I desperately want to see together. Not a big fan.

Bobbi said...

You make me feel so much better about not liking Juliet!

Someone posted an interesting theory on my recap about Rose and Bernard - are they the dead couple found in the cave on the first season? Adam and Eve? Maybe this explains why we haven't seen them. But then again, I don't understand how that could happen either - I'm so confused.

I loved the way Sayid swooped in like the Lone Ranger to save the day.

Great recap and thoughts!

Lenetta @ Nettacow said...

Great recap!

Yeah, I have given and received my fair share of nasty locker notes . . . (HA!)