Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Nerd Alert

We had a major nerd alert in our household last night.....and not because we were all huddled in our bathroom mixing peroxide and Mt. Dew. (That is a story for another post.)

No, this nerd alert was called on Ryker. You see, he belongs to a Star Wars club at school. (Yeah, now you are seeing the nerd factor emerge.) In this club the self-appointed leader determines, mostly randomly I think, what level each member has attained. Aspiring Jedi battle daily to gain favor with the Jedi Master and hopefully achieve Jedi Knight status, or maybe even a spot on the council.

Apparently major lightsaber duels take place on the playground at recess and occasionally someone is promoted from padawan to Jedi. But the power does go to their to heads and sometimes a member of the council will turn to the darkside in an attempt to overthrow the Master.

As a matter of fact, Brian has been trying to encourage Ryker and his friends to gain Jedi status and then turn to the darkside, raising a coup against the Master. (Brian enjoys hearing the tales of galactic struggle every day after school almost as much as Ryker enjoys telling them.)

Anyway, back to today....Ryker came home with a busted lip. When I asked him what happened he explained that his injury occurred during a heated lightsaber duel with his friend Johnny. He proceeded to demonstrate all of the moves that Johnny had used on which point I had to interrupt because I didn't have 2 free hours and exclaim, "You mean they let you take real toy lightsabers out on the playground?!?" Ryker informed me that the lightsabers are indeed imaginary but apparently so vivid that they did cause him to ram his face into the pavement in an attempt to escape their blows.

Despite his injury he was very excited because he has finally made it to Jedi Knight. He was thrilled that the Master had granted him the honor, but it did come with some responsibilities. He had to research another Jedi and report back. So, at the time the alert was called my 10 year old son was on the laptop researching, and taking notes, on Plo Koon (a Jedi Master that was killed during Operation 66) so that he could report back to another 10 year old on the playground today.

If that isn't nerdy I don't know what is.

That said, I love nerds. I married one. (I evidently gave birth to at least one.) Nerds are some of my favorite people. I may even be one...after all I was the one videotaping the glowing Mt. Dew.

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