Friday, October 16, 2009

Just Wondering

On a recent trip through the mall I couldn't help but notice that wallets and cell phones are shrinking everyday.

Most wallets are barely more than 2 or 3 inches thick and cell phones are smaller than the palm or your hand....and they don't flip open.

And yet, the purses I saw were humongous! They were big enough for a pair of shoes and a small melon.

So my question is......What are people carrying in these huge purses?

Even with the size of sunglasses growing alarmingly it doesn't account for the outrageously spacious purses.
So, what's in your purse?


Deena said...

I carry a rather small purse. I keep my important-est keys in my pocket, and my cell phone in my pocket (unless I don't have pockets). In my purse is: calendar; 3 pens; pocket knife; small wallet with pictures, credit cards, insurance cards; lip balm; less important keys and keychain store cards; sometimes gum, but not currently. Store cards, check card, license, smart card, etc. (goes to check purse to be certain I'm not leaving out anything important) a couple barrettes and hairbands, some can tabs (the kids keep soda can tabs for school), a few SMALL pieces of trash, and a fortune from the Chinese restaurant which reads "It's kind of fun to do the impossible." Oh, also a 5 pound note (from England) and a few coins. :) But my purse is TEENY tiny: about 8" long, 3" at its widest, 5" at its deepest, tear drop shaped.

CZ said...

I've downsized since being past the "diaper bag" stage. I have my pda, phone, wallet, chapstick, gum, Thieves (it's a natural "non" anti-bacterial soap), some feminine products and my keys. It all barely fits and sometimes I wish I had a place to stash my latest book, snacks, coupons etc.

Christina M said...

When I carry a tote or larger purse I put my keys, phone, wallet and at least one book in it, plus most of the time I carry my camera. So I can see where having a bigger purse comes in handy.

Kari said...

Loving a big bag! Eric calls it the super sac...yes I have three smaller children so I do need several things. I LOVE to be prepared just in case and to be the one who can say..."Yes I have can borrow it or have one." I probably will have shoulder or back issues in the future from how heavy it is but actually while carrying a carseat around it kind of balances me out. One time I thought, "Wow this bag is really heavy today." Later in the day I went to look for something and Eric was looking with me, "That's why, Kari!" he says and pulls out a bag of tangerines! Oops!