Thursday, October 22, 2009

Just Sleepin'

Today I had a meeting at the church. It couldn't be scheduled for another time, so even though I had an extra 3 year old girl with me I had to attend.

I set up a movie for the girls in the wing off the sanctuary and took lots of snacks for them. They did great.....except for interrupting me for two emergency bathroom breaks. As the meeting was wrapping up and we were visiting just outside the door I heard some movement and giggling from the front of the sanctuary.

When I peeked in I could see that the girls' movie was over and they were LAYING ON THE COMMUNION TABLE on the stage! Kinley was on top of it and her friend was on the shelf underneath. Shocked, I yelled loudly exclaimed, "What are you girls doing?" The response was a simple, "Just sleepin'. This is our bunkbeds."

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fblife said...

ha, ha, ha ha, I can just picture it! Too cute :)