Friday, October 23, 2009

Go Faster, Mommy

If you take a 3 year old out in public often enough you are going to have an embarrassing moment or two eventually.

If, like me, your 3 year old happens to be a cute little girl with long blond hair you will always have people approaching her and touching her hair or tickling her chin or waving or smiling or making faces in her direction. We're used to it.

So today when we were cruising through Wal-Mart (Kinley standing on the end of the cart looking behind me) and Kinley yelled, "Go faster, Mommy. There's a lady chasing us!" I expected to see some well meaning jokester teasing her from afar.

Instead I saw an elderly lady with an oxygen tube in her nose and a tank in the "trunk" of her motorized wheelchair/shopping cart coming up on my heels. Ooops. Apparently she didn't see the humor in the situation. She just looked at me disgustedly as I quickly turned the corner.

And that's when I gave Kinley a sucker to keep her mouth busy.

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