Tuesday, October 28, 2008

How To Finish 23 Scrapbook Pages in One Day

Step One: Retreat. Retreat. Retreat.
Sign up for a 24 hour scrapbook retreat.

Step Two: Categorize. Clean. Compile
Who could be creative in a space like this? Who could find anything in a space like this? Your scrapbooking area at home may be in desparate need of organization before you can even get ready for the retreat.

Doesn't it look better now?

Step Three: Peruse, Plan, Prepare
Now that you can find your numerous supplies it is time to start planning your pages. Search those magazines for spreads you'd like to imitate (or downright copy totally) and mark them so you can find them easily when you are ready to start.

Take a break to make yet another apple dessert. (Recipe coming tomorrow.)

Step Four: Find, Fiddle, Finish

Yes, now is the time to finish the journaling on the pages that you did last year at the retreat and never took time to complete once you got home. This way you won't be more than one year behind. :)

Step Five: Just One Word.......ARCHIVERS

Step Six: Push, Pull, Pack
Somehow stuff all of your materials (and yourself) into your husband's rather small truck.

Step Seven: Crop. Crop, Crop......'Til You Drop

Warning.....this may require you to sleep for only 3 hours.

Step Eight: Create, Compose, Configure
Come up with 23 cute pages for your ever expanding scrapbooks.


CZ said...

I CANNOT get on the scrapbook bandwagon.
While we were watching this, Kara said..."whoa, too much stuff..she can't get into her car" LOL

Anonymous said...

You forgot "Get an awesome babysitter to watch your kids while your husband goes to the Comets playoff game"