Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Daily Devotions

I've never been very good at sticking to a daily devotional schedule. Despite the fact that I stay at home no two days are ever the same and it is hard to predict when I will have time to sit down for a devotion. I'm also just not very consistent in my studies and sometimes bore of the author and his/her subject matter before I'm finished with the book.

I've recently found something that works well though. Internet Cafe Devotions. It is a blog basically where different women everyday share a devotion. The voice and subject matter are different everytime you log on so there is no chance of getting bored. The writing is funny and insightful and offers some good scripture references to look up too. If you really enjoy a particular article there is a link to the author's personal blog so that you can read more of her stuff.

So check it out and find time for a devotion today. It works for me.

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CZ said...

That's a great post. At a conference I went to this past weekend, there was a seminar about using the web for evangelism. Some awesome opportunities out there!