Friday, October 24, 2008

Confessions of a Vain Woman

Ever since I turned 33 I have noticed that I have wrinkles.

Three BIG wrinkles.

Right across my forehead.

And I picked this decade not to have any bangs.

No matter how I try to relax my eyebrows or scrunch my nose they will not go away. (Trust me, I've practiced in front of the mirror....a lot.)

They're deep.

At first I blamed it on this new make-up I am using. (It was one of the freebie deals at CVS so I couldn't pass it up....but I think my old make-up was filling in the wrinkles somehow and now this kind doesn't.) But I'm beginning to think that nothing is going to help and they are there to stay.

Did I mention they're deep.

They've been bothering me, (can you tell?) but it wasn't a super big deal until a few weeks ago when Kinley and I were in Wal-Mart. Wherever we go people come up to us and talk to Kinley and tell her how cute she is...especially old people. So two older ladies came up to us and were lamenting to Kinley about the fact that I wouldn't let her have the candy that she wanted off of the shelf.

Then the old bitty sweet elderly lady said, "What's the matter, honey? Grandma won't let you have a treat?"

That kind of pushed me over the edge.

Anyway....I was complaining about them to one of my older and more wrinkly friends and he said that all wrinkles have names. You know, named after the people who gave them to you? Which I guess would technically make mine named Tim (my dad), Kathy (my mom) and God (my creator). But I think he was referring to the people who worried you enough to cause you to furrow your brow too often.

In that case I'm scared.

Because I've got one for Ryker, Cainan and Kinley but someone's missing. I'm sure Brian's will be here anyday.

I'm on the lookout....with my eyebrowns down, of course.

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CZ said...

You're a good way :) There's NO WAY you look like a grandma (or old!)

I brought a 23 year old to a ladies brunch and someone asked me if she was my daughter. Just as ridiculous!