Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Cardboard Testimonies

Two weeks ago at church we did something called "Cardboard Testimonies". It was one of the most powerful services we have ever had. If you haven't seen it, and/or haven't done it at your church you really should.

The idea is that everyone has a cardboard testimony. On one side of your little homemade sign are listed your failures and fears. On the other side is listed your victory in Christ. For example, someone's sign might say, "Abused as a child" on the front. But when she turns it over it says, "God heals emotional wounds".

So we set about asking people (not an easy thing to do...touchy) in our church that we know struggled or suffered in a particular area to share their testimony by making a cardboard sign and walking across stage with it during the service. Not a single person we asked turned us down. Everyone was eager to share how God had changed their life. From alcoholics to sideline Christians to infertile couples they marched across our stage as our praise band played and sang, "Oh How He Loves Us".

I orginally saw the idea on YouTube and thought it was great. I cried my eyes out even though I didn't personally know any of the people involved. Apparently our pastor saw it live at the North American Christian Convention and had the same response. Anyway, it was a major success at our church and I would encourage anyone to try it.

Here is the YouTube video that started it all for us.


Smelling Coffee said...

Thanks for sharing this! What a blessing. I've heard of the Cardboard Testimonies, but had never seen this before.

May the Lord bless you...

Jenn @ Casa de Castro said...

My church did this as well. I absolutely LOVE this idea. Thanks for sharing.

Here's part of an email I sent out if you want to see our church's version.


Scroll over to the right side past Dr. Graham's photo, and you'll see four gray columns. Click on the third one, "Prestonwood Sunday." Right above Dr. Graham's right hand, you'll see a listing with dates and "click here to view now." Click on that.

"Prestonwood Sunday On Demand" comes up, and you'll see a box for playing video. Scroll down to just below this area to a gray box that says "This Week At Prestonwood." Then find and click on "Prestonwood Sunday - 09/21/2008." When you're asked which viewing format to use, click on "Flash Video" on the right. The video will load and begins with the associate pastor baptizing a teenage boy. At the bottom of the video, you'll see a tan tool bar for the streaming video. There is a slide bar with numbers to the right that tick by as the video plays. The tan button on the slide can be moved left or right to move to various spots in the video, so you don't have to watch the whole thing.

Momof3 said...

I've never heard of cardboard testimonies before. Very interesting.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that was powerful! I've never heard of this but I'm definitely suggesting it come Sunday! Blessings, Whitney

Holly said...

Our church will be doing this in a few weeks... I'm definitely grabbing a few extra tissues before heading into the sanctuary that morning! Awesome, simple, moving idea.

Genny said...

This is so powerful!

Chel - An Abiding Branch said...

Wow, I think we could incorporate this into the kiddos worship time too for AWANA council time. This would also be GRRRRReat for a ladies retreat!!!

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