Friday, July 4, 2008

Lessons From Ditto-Land

This week we hired a babysitter and I spent one day out working with Brian to help him finish a construction project he was doing. It involved painting. Brian does not paint.

Anyway...working with Brian means two things. Huge fountain drinks from Motomart and Rush Limbaugh....two things I avoid when I'm on my own.

The fountain drinks are ok. I love the little pellet ice, but I could live without the soda. The Limbaugh on the other hand...ugh! I don't disagree with what he says necessarily, in fact I agree with a lot of it, but its just that arrogant, know-it-all attitude that drives me crazy. But this time he actually had a story that did interest me quite a bit.

He was talking about how these high gas prices are hitting everyone hard and he played a sound bite from an interview with a gentleman who was lamenting all of the changes he has had to make in his life because of the outrageous gas prices. This gentleman said that now his wife takes the subway to work everyday, they don't let their teenage daughter drive her car around just for fun anymore, he walks to work and they just keep their car in the garage and use it for emergencies.

Hello! You lived close enough to walk to work? Your wife had mass transit available to her? Your daughter was just driving around for no good reason? This is why we need billions of gallons of oil a year! This is why we have cities full of pollution! This is why our environment suffers! Here are three people who did not even need to drive cars at all who were driving them every day just because they could!!!

What is wrong with walking, taking the subway, staying home? This is not a sacrifice. This is common sense. This is good stewardship of your own resources. This gas crisis is a good thing if it teaches people these truths.

Note: This was not the point Rush was making by the way. He was saying that Democrats enjoy the oil crisis because it mostly adversly effects the working middle class in the Red states. Whatever.

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