Friday, July 25, 2008

Let the Countdown Continue

Well as you can tell by the countdown clock the Olympics are only 13 days away. That means we are starting to get excited around here. Well…I’m starting to get excited…everyone else is pretty oblivious.

Lucky for me VBS coincides with the first week of the games. That means 2 hours of uninterrupted Olympic viewing each night. Yippee! And rest assured there will be plenty of viewing opportunities. According to Sports Illustrated, NBC is offering 212 hours of coverage a day. Yes, every day.

If you don’t have NBC, MSNBC, CNBC, or USA maybe you can catch some events on Telemundo, Oxygen (did anyone know NBC owns that?), Universal HD or NBC even carries enough clout to get the IOC (International Olympic Committee) to schedule the finals of several swimming events and gymnastics in the morning Beijing time so that they will air live in primetime here in the states.

(Let me just tell you, that is a big deal. #1 The IOC doesn’t just change things like that on a whim, #2 it makes it so much better for us. Otherwise, as happened when the Olympics were in Sydney, Australia, you have to be very careful not to watch any news coverage or listen to the radio because they end up telling you the results of events that you plan to watch on TV later that night. It really kills the suspense.)

Anyway, I love the sports at the Olympics but I love the stories behind the athletes even more. So I thought that some of you who have not been watching the various Olympic trials and following the athletes yet this year might enjoy a little background on some of the lesser known participants in Beijing.

Look for athlete bios and fun facts in the coming days in a series called “Beijing: Who To Watch”

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