Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Summer Fun

I have a really good excuse for not posting anything yesterday.

I was being mugged, robbed, exploited and ripped off!

Yeah, you guessed it. I was at Six Flags.

I went there voluntarily, and only because I had free tickets, but it still makes me mad that they are out there scheming how to get even more money from families out to have a little summer fun. Here is a breakdown of the various costs of going to Six Flags:

Parking: $15 and a 2 mile hike for regular, $18 for preferred, no free areas

Locker Rental: $11 for the smallest size

Tube Rental: (Yes, if you want a tube at the water park you have to RENT one. They do have free ones floating around but they only let a few out and you have to stand in line to wait for them before you can go on a slide. If you have rented a tube of course there are no lines.) $8 or so, not sure because I didn't rent any

Lunch: $20 for one hamburger and fries and a child's popcorn chicken meal, no drinks

Rides: Included in the price of the ticket, right? Nope. Not all of them. There are now a few rides that you have to pay to ride. $20 to be exact for one session on the trampolines and slingshot rides.

Other great things about Six Flags:

You are not allowed to take food inside. Old ladies that check your bags upon entry will throw it away if they find it. Bored teenagers that check your bag will mumble something and pass you on through with all of your junk food intact.

They have a few sand beaches in the water park instead of the customary concrete ones and all of their landscaping has wood mulch around it instead of rock. How very organic, right? How very dirty is more like it. All of that sand and mulch gets tracked out and washed out on to the sidewalks where you have to walk on it all day. Then it washes off of your feet into the water. Nice, huh?

The speed slides open 2 hours after the rest of the waterpark, and only then if enough of the bored teenage workers show up to man them. (A bored teenage worker actually explained this to me.)

There are some rides that do not allow you to take any personal items on them, even if you hold them etc. Some of them have little tubs at the entrance/exit to put your things in while you ride. The ones that don't charge you a $1, 1 time usage locker fee.

In conclusion:


Holiday World is a holiday themed amusement and water park in rural southern Indiana. It is very family oriented and is more fun than any other amusement park I have ever been to.

Our family has always loved Holiday World. (The school only gives free tickets to Six Flags, unfortunately or we wouldn't even darken the doors.) It is the polar opposite of Six Flags.

Parking is free, and includes a shuttle to the front gate of the park.

Soda is free. Yep, just refill your cup at the drink stations all day long.

Sunscreen is free. Yep, just squirt a handful out any time you pass a pump.

Tubes are free and in abundant supply.

No need for lockers. We haul all of our stuff around in a wagon and leave it in a central location. We have never had a single item stolen.

Awesome water park with lots more rides and fun kid play areas than Six Flags.

Adult tickets at Holiday World cost the same as a kids ticket at Six Flags.

I will say that the roller coasters are not as thrilling as those at Six Flags and there aren't as many of them but my kids won't ride any of them anyway. There are plenty of other great rides (Scrambler, Tilt-o-Whirl, Octopus, Swings etc.) that they enjoy.

If you've never been to Holiday World you should really try it some time. You can check it out HERE. Holiday World works for me!

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Innocent Observer said...

Six Flags...ugh. We had a miserable time there a few years ago. We had some free tickets to get in, but like you paid for parking and lunch. The heat was unbearable and not even the restaurant was air conditioned. Flies everywhere, food not cooked all the way...We asked for and got a refund.

Then after waiting in line they wouldn't let my son on the ride due to his cast. We had called prior to coming, and had even postponed our trip so it would be after he had on the "new" cast that we were assured was fine. By the time management arrived, the park was closed. We spend our last hour waiting. For nothing. They felt bad and gave us more free passes, but I decided that we would NEVER go back, so I sold them.

Even with free admission, free lunch, and free tickets to return we wanted no part of it. So I guess it's true, you couldn't PAY me to go back! haha

Anonymous said...

I was reading your post and thinking "I'm going to tell them to come on down to Santa Claus", and then there it was at the end. I live in Santa Claus, IN and it IS the best park for the price. We used to go to Six Flags when I lived around Indy and you just can't afford it anymore. I attend church with the owners of Holiday World and they truly are a great family that cares about people and not out to see how much they can milk from people once in the gates. My family of 4 ate lunch on $18 and that was 2 meals (wrap, fries and cookie), nachos, 2 corn dogs and a pretzel. Can't beat free drinks anywhere...

Glad you enjoy it here it is a fun place to live and nice having HW close by. Season passes are cheap to you can get a season pass for adults for around $90 in the fall.

Love it!!!


Mari said...

I live in Nashville and have been thinking of making the trek to Santa Claus! Thanks for the review!

Anonymous said...

I have never even heard of this place. I just visited their website and bookmarked it in my vacations file. Thank you very much.

WPenn said...

I was laughing out loud when I read this. Then I read it to Travis. I guess now you know why I so willingly gave away my tickets to you. I agree you can't beat Holiday World.