Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Kinley is Two

I can barely believe it but my baby is two years old now.

We didn't do much for her birthday since she isn't really old enough to know what is going on any way. She celebrated at the same pool party that Cainan did two weeks ago and then we had another pool party on her actual birthday.

She had a cheesecake with two candles in it and even managed to blow one of them out without catching her hair on fire. She loved all of her presents; especially her pink pom-poms, toy pots and pans, and cash register. But her favorite gift of all is the 88 cent generic Magna Doodle that we got at Wal-Mart.

We picked one up for each of the kids after seeing how much they loved playing with the ones that my sister keeps in her car for her girls. Our plan was to keep them in the car to entertain them on trips, but they have all loved them so much that they are begging to bring them in the house and play with them.

Considering that we are on vacation it is good timing that we've found a fun, cheap toy to keep them occupied in the car.

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