Thursday, February 8, 2007

What I Know

I haven't had much time to blog lately and I don't really have time today but the floors can stay covered in crumbs for a few more minutes at least. In my absence from the cyber world I have discovered a few things.

1. Even on a playground with no swings, handswings, or merry-go-rounds a 7 year old boy can still blow out the toes of two different pair of shoes in just five months.

2. Infant rice cereal is as effective as super glue and at least as hard to remove from the hair of a squirming baby.

3. You can witness the power of lightning right in your own home if you just wear a wool sweater, scoot off of your couch and reach for the power button the TV.

4. A TV can be turned off without touching it, or the remote, if you follow the steps outlined in #3.

5. Indoor homemade lightning is blue.

6. Static electricity is stronger than the force of gravity. Just try dropping an 18 inch piece of blond hair into a trash can.

7. Seven year old boys cannot play the piano softly no matter how strongly you emphasize the dynamics of a piece.

8. Three year old boys can only play ffff, and no less than 6 notes at a time.

9. Our smoke detectors work. (Don't ask.)

10. Border Collie puppies can and will eat, toy car wheels, ribbons, tree bark, diapers, pencils, stuffed animals and legos, but not cooked carrots.

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