Thursday, February 8, 2007

The C-O-E-I-N

As of the beginning of second semester Ryker has had a spelling test every Friday. So we practice his spelling words with him througout the week. Cainan of course likes to do everything that Ryker does so he has started spelling things too. His favorite combination of letters is c-o-e-i-n. I think he is confusing it with c-a-i-n-a-n which we have been trying to get him to remember. In the beginning c-o-e-i-n could mean just about anything but before long it took on a very specific meaning...potty. He now announces several times a day, "Mommy, I need to go to the c-o-e-i-n." A couple of days ago he was playing Body Boggle (Twister with letters) with his cousin Claire. He was jumping on all of the letters he knows and saying the words that start with those letters. We heard, "Look T for trains. K for Kinley. G for grapes and here's C for potty!"

I guess we need to teach him the correct spelling of potty, and his name for that matter, eventually but it is just so cute. It is the same reason why we all call cupcakes "pupcakes" and say that things are "inchesting" instead of interesting. We even still let Ryker use "verse", as in Notre Dame vs. Michigan, as a verb. For example, "Daddy I want to verse you in PacMan and the winner can verse Mommy." or "I versed Blake in baseball and I won." It just makes us laugh. They grow up too fast anyway. We'll let them be little for a little longer, what will it hurt?

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